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Scentsy Home Fragrance Systems and Scent products feature premium materials, quality ingredients and enough variety to suit every home décor and fragrance taste, offering beautiful scent products that will enhance your home. 

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Fragrance evokes memories and emotion, find a memorable one or something new to love, all packed in exclusive Scentsy products from wax melt bars, diffuser oils & more.

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Enjoy your favorite Scentsy fragrance anywhere – even in your car. 

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Step up your cleaning game and brighten your day with high-performance products infused with fresh Scentsy Scents.

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There’s fragrance, and then there’s full-cycle fragrance. Our high-performance Scentsy laundry products work best together to fight stains, lift away dirt, soften fabrics and infuse washables with our exclusive, long-lasting scents.

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Scentsy Bath & Body

Being yourself. It feels good. So does smooth and moisturized skin. Scentsy Body products help you express your individuality through fragrance while nourishing your skin with vitamin-rich formulas. Scentsy Body is fragrance that feels good.

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What is a Scentsy Bar? Tinsel Berry Scentsy Bar

A Scentsy bar is made up of 8 wax cubes housed in a plastic clam shell case. Scentsy Wax Bars are used with Scentsy warmers. You can use 2-4 cubes of wax at a time, depending on the level of fragrance you’d like and the size of the candle warmer. Remember to clean out the wax if you no longer smell the scent and don’t put more wax until you have cleaned out the old wax.  To clean the wax out of the warmer, you can use our ‘cotton cleanups’ which make it super easy or you can use a paper towel. 2-4 cubes usually last about a week depending on the placement of your Scentsy warmer. If it’s placed near a door or open window, results could vary. 

What is a Scentsy Warmer?    

A Scentsy Warmer is an electric  candle warmer that’s created using different materials such as ceramic, tin, metal, glass or iron.  They are called ‘warmers’ because they warm the highly scented Scentsy wax just above body temperature, so that the wax is not burned but can disburse scent throughout your space, whether that be at home or office or anywhere you have an outlet. There are a few different types of warmers we sell in our Scentsy store. While most use a low watt light bulb to warm the wax, others use a heat plate, which is perfect for bedrooms or spaces where light isn’t wanted. Scentsy mini warmers are a smaller version that plug directly into the wall outlet and don’t have a cord. These are also called Scentsy Plugins which are perfect for restrooms or kitchens.

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More Information about Scentsy

Home Fragrance Products

With over 100 designs and 80 Scentsy scents to choose from, you can select a candle warmer and fragrance that’s exactly what you want. Lose The Flame and choose a safer way to fill your home with fragrance.

Scentsy is so popular …

We have something for everyone who loves fragrance. Lots of product choices from home decor trends to match anyone’s style and scents to bring back fond memories or create new ones.

Premium-Quality Design

Scentsy Candle warmers are crafted to keep up with the latest trends and versatility in mind to ensure it looks stunning in any setting.

Fragrance for a Family Home

With candles being one of the most common reasons for house fires, Scentsy candle warmers offer a safe option. With no open flame, you’ll be at ease knowing your family and your home are safe. I suggest you Lose The Flame too!

Long-Lasting Scents

Every Scentsy bar will last you up to 80 hours. Pair it up with other fragrance options for a tantalizing experience.

Easy-to-Use fragrance systems

Place a Scentsy bar in the detachable dish of your candle warmer and switch it on to warm the wax gently above body temperature. The wax even when touched will not burn you.

Easy to Purchase Scentsy Online

Shop online and buy Scentsy warmers and scents from our online store. Shipped directly to your home from the Scentsy warehouse.