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About Scentsy Store

Scentsy Store began with a simple idea — a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles. This Scentsy concept is simply decorative ceramic warmers designed to melt highly scented wax with the heat of a light bulb or heat plate instead of a traditional wick and flame.

Since 2004, We have grown and so has our product lines. Our Scentsy Store now offers bath & body products, laundry care and cleaning products, which are available in your favorite scents.  We love fragrance and offer a new candle warmer and scent every month. When you buy Scentsy Products Online, your order is shipped directly to your door.

Scentsy Candles

Over 50 different warmer designs to fit in just about any home decor – we’re sure you’ll fall in love with a few.

Scentsy Wax Scents

We’re completely in love with fragrance – and how it makes life better. Share the Scentsy Love with inspiring fragrances and new ways to show off your style.

Scentsy Bath & Body

From Body Wash to Lotions and even hand soaps. We’re here to help you with affordable, top of the line products.

Scentsy Laundry

There’s fragrance, and then there’s full-cycle fragrance. Our high-performance work best together to fight stains, lift away dirt, soften fabrics and infuse washables with our exclusive, long-lasting scents. Choose our Laundry Liquid, Clothing Softener, Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disk for a complete laundry fragrance experience.

Scentsy Clean

Win the war on grime. Our cutting-edge home cleaning formulas tackle the hard stuff with ease and leave behind beautiful Scentsy fragrance. Our includes our popular Counter Cleaner, Kitchen Soaps and now our NEW Bathroom Cleaner that is now an all time favorite product.

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Scentsy Toy Story Buddies

Scentsy Toy Story Buddies20 93% 3.7 Buzz Lightyear & Woody Buddies!  The best toys become lifetime friends, and you’ve got a friend in Disney’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody!  Available starting Monday, June 17th Shop Toy Story Toy Story’s iconic space ranger and cowboy sheriff have stood the test of time and taken on countless daring adventures for the ones they love. Imagine your adventure with our adorable new Buzz Lightyear and Woody — Scentsy Buddies! Our Buzz Lightyear and Woody — Scentsy Buddies each come with a preselected Scent Pak in their own signature fragrance, or you can buy a bundle that also includes a Scentsy Bar in the same fragrance.        Buzz Lightyear — Scentsy Buddy with a Buzz Lightyear: To Infinity and Beyond Scent Pak for $45 (40 PRV) Woody — Scentsy Buddy with a Woody: Reach for the Sky Scent Pak for $45  A bundle featuring the Buzz Lightyear — Scentsy Buddy (including his Scent Pak) and a Buzz Lightyear: To Infinity and Beyond Scentsy Bar for $50  A bundle featuring the Woody — Scentsy Buddy (including his Scent Pak) and a Woody: Reach for the Sky Scentsy Bar for $50  A bundle featuring both Buzz Lightyear and Woody — Scentsy Buddies (including their Scent Paks), a Buzz Lightyear: To Infinity and Beyond Scentsy Bar, and a Woody: Reach for the Sky Scentsy Bar for $95    And just wait until you smell the amazing fragrances created especially for these beloved characters: Buzz Lightyear: To Infinity and Beyond: Blast off to a galaxy of endless imagination, where fizzy orange and black currant are cosmically balanced with plum blossom and sugared raspberry. Woody: Reach for the Sky: In a world full of possibilities, the sky is the limit but you still feel grounded with white oak, sandalwood and an uplifting touch of vanilla. Scentsy Toy Story Buddies was last modified: June 17th, 2019 by Scentsy Candles

New Scentsy Scents Summer

New Scentsy Scents Summer6 76.67% 3.1 New Scentsy Scents Summer was last modified: June 1st, 2019 by Scentsy Candles

3 Benefits to Using Scentsy Bars

3 Benefits to Using Scentsy Bars6 83.33% 3.3 3 Benefits to Using Scentsy Bars was last modified: May 22nd, 2019 by Scentsy Candles

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