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Scentsy Store

Scentsy Store
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Scentsy Warmers and Candles

Lose The Flame 

Buy Scentsy Online from our store and have your order shipped directly to you!

 Scentsy Warmers are designed to melt our highly scented wax with heat from a low-watt light bulb or a heating element which

enhances your home! Scentsy has created more than 80 Scent fragrances. I’m sure you’ll find a few you love!

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What is Scentsy?

All you do is put a piece of our Scentsy bar (melts) in the detachable dish part of the wickless candle warmer and flip the switch on (which is on the cord that you plugin to the wall)  and the light bulb turns on and gently warms the candle wax.  There’s over 80 scents to choose from. Each Scentsy bar will last up to 80 hours.  Keep in mind this depends on the area of the room you have the warmer in. Enjoying a warm, relaxing scent that spreads throughout your home is always the goal and, while lighting a candle is a great way to create this experience, candles are often too dangerous for the average home. With Scentsy products, though, it’s impossible not to find at least one Scentsy Fragrance to fall in love with. Many refer to Scentsy as wickless candles because there are no wicks in any of our products. We’re either electric or battery operated only.

Funny thing is, when you hear someone first speak of Scentsy products, you’re not sure how you’d even attempt to spell the word. You’re already thinking about running home and jumping on the computer or your mobile device to google the products and look up reviews, but you’re not sure you heard the person.  Scentsy candle wax has been spelled many ways in searches, such as scensy, scnetsy, scentsies and I’m sure there are more. Just think of it like SCENT-SEE and you’ll have no problem. 🙂 You’re welcome.

5 Reasons to Buy Scentsy Products

As seasons change, so do the familiar sights, sounds and smells. Each season has distinct scents associated with it. Winter elicits the smell of burning wood, evergreen trees and cinnamon sticks.
Springtime bursts forth with the aroma of fresh flowers and grass. Summer is all about the beach and tropical fragrances. Who can deny that fall is all about pumpkin and spice. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate some of the smells of the current season into your home, Scentsy no-flame candle warmers are a great way to do it. Worried about being able to find them? Buy online at in our store and save, while having the perfect warmer and scent delivered right to your door.

  1. A Scent for Every Season – Scentsy Candles
    Whether you are looking to set the mood for an upcoming holiday or want to give your house a clean,
    fresh scent, the perfect fragrance is offered online at scentswarmers.com. Instead of being disappointed
    with the fleeting fresh smell of a clean house, browse the inventory available to find something that
    touches on your particular needs or mood. Love the smell of apple pie baking? Grab a disc or an entire
    pack. The Scentsy store makes it easy to shop by scent family (fruits, flowers, citrus, to name a few), by
    collection (fall and winter, classics, holiday) or browse through the type of products offered, such as
    body lotions, room sprays and wax bars for example. Get Authentic Scentsy Products through our store, including our official Scentsy candles, called Wax Bars.
  2. Candle Warmers Make Great Gifts
    It can be challenging to buy the perfect gift for your boss or child’s teacher. You may not know much
    about the likes and dislikes, so you settle for the every-boring gift card. Check out the hundreds – yes,
    hundreds – of candle warmers and diffusers available online. An apple candle warmer makes a great teacher
    gift for appreciation week, and because there is no open flame, it can be used in the classroom. Your
    boss often has fresh flowers in the office. Get a classy but simple warmer that can be placed on a desk
    corner and add to it some flowery wax melts for a fresh floral scent. Let us know if you need help, if you decide to buy scentsy warmers.
  3. Purchase Products Online 
    It’s Official, Online website shopping has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. It allows stores the opportunity to
    offer a large variety and array of products from which consumers can choose. Traditionally, Scentsy has
    been a consultant-based company meaning you had to find a representative who offered parties and
    catalogs. Scentsy online website store allows those people who want to try the product the opportunity to do so
    without trying to find a local consultant with orders going in. Thus, our online store gives us
    more widespread exposure and shoppers more chances to sample the hundreds of products offered.
    Whether you have been a fan of the products offered by Scentsy or you are contemplating your first
    purchase, we give you the chance to find beautiful products for all needs and price ranges.
    Wick FREE Wax melts, warmers and the like are great ways to ring in a holiday or a season with those you love the
    most. We’ll even help you track your online orders when you order through Lose The Flame.
  4. Quality of our Products
  • Scentsy wax bars are formulated to melt on a very low watt light bulb, rather than an open flame.
  • No smoke or soot to deal with and when you turn off the candle warmer, the scent lingers, not the scent of a burnt wick.
  • The fragrance spreads well, throughout the space, within just a few moments of turning the Scentsy warmer on. YOU will be amazed!
  • Use it anywhere and feel good about doing so. You can even choose some of our soothing fragrances to use in your bedroom.
  • Each of our Scentsy warmers have a beautiful design, all Candle warmers are handmade. A range of colors and patterns are available and we’re sure you’ll find one that will fit in with your style and home decor. Best part is that they’re FREE of soot & wicks.
  1. Each of our Scentsy products stands out with a fresh, natural fragrance that you can choose. Consider options designed for the seasons, including our Fall and Winter lines. Choose a popular option like Tropical, Spa, or Corner Cafe. There’s something right for any mood, room, and taste. They are the highest quality you’ll find. And, they stand out from the rest simply by meeting the needs of the family with an easy-to-use, full-of-scent product.

Scentsy Products Include:

  • Laundry products (detergent, washer whiffs, dryer disks)
  • Hand and Kitchen soaps
  • Counter Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner & Scentsy Fresh
  • Our Buddies, stuffies, adorable and smell great
  • Scent Circles to hang where scent is needed
  • Scent Packs to use in Scentsy buddy or in your drawers
  • Travel Tins for cars or gym bags
  • Car Candles – Hands down the best type of car freshener out there
  • Room Sprays, all easy to take with you while you travel
  • And of course our wickless candle warmers and Wax – Wick-FREE, no soot!


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