Brain Spinal Cord Tumor

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I’m honored to be doing this fundraiser to help out a dear friend of mine and her family. Leanne has 4 children and is very determined to pull out of this with flying colors to be there for her kids!  She has Marleigh 7, Lauren 11, Myrah 17, and Sarah who is 18 and going to college in the fall.


spinal tumor


If you’re looking to purchase Scentsy, please do so through her fundraiser Link below so that I will be able to donate my commissions to hep her and her family through these tough times.

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Leanne’s Brain/Spinal Cord Tumor


Leanne’s Story – Leanne fundraiser

In March I received the shocking diagnose of a spinal cord tumor in my cervical spine, located at C4 & C5. It was discovered via an MRI b/c of severe neck pain. I’ve endured several tests to be sure I didn’t have Multiple Sclerosis and that has been ruled out. I was hesitant to create this fundraiser and I wouldn’t of done it if I could do this on my own, but I can’t. My husband was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s last year and is not able to work.

We have 4 children at home from 1st grade to a Senior in high school. I’m an LPN that works full time at a clinic. I’m so thankful for my job and my health insurance. My husband had surgery last year and I had to use my sick leave to take care of him. I only have one week of sick leave and from what I understand the surgery to biopsy this could require me to be off work for a while. Also, a large portion of my paycheck has been going to co-pays for doctor visits and several MRI’s, lumbar puncture, visual testing and bloodwork.

We would be so thankful for any amount you feel lead to donate…and if you cannot we of course would appreciate prayers. Because of the location of the tumor in my cord if it continues to grow it would cause my spinal cord to be compressed and would be fatal. I’d love to put this off and not deal with it, but I MUST do everything in my power to be here for my children. In order to determine if it’s cancer the surgery is major….either way I’m having surgery. I did have a gofundme to take our kids to Disney…that seems so frivoulous at this point. I’m doing this so I can be here and support my children. God has blessed me with a beautiful family and I trust in Him and I believe He will get us through this. Again, it is with a heavy heart I create this fund. I have an appointment in New Orleans with a specialist May 6th.

As of right now my insurance hasn’t approved this visit which means the doctor isn’t in my network and that visit will be $500 for the consult. At Ochsner they have a team that only deals with spinal cord tumors. This is the best place for me to be. I’ve prayed long and hard about it and have peace that Ochsner is where the Lord wants me to go. I’ve spend most of the past month crying and being tormented not knowing if this  tumor is growing and going to cause me to pass in my sleep. The level of stress I’m under is unreal. Just being a caretaker to my husband is overwhelming, add working a full time job and being a mommy and I’m emotional mess. I will update y’all after the appointment on May 6th. I pray for good news and that there is a way to treat this tumor with the least invasive method. The chance of being paralysed and on a ventilator scares me beyond belief. That is what my doctor here told me is a real possibility which is why I must get a second opinion.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story. Feel free to message me with any questions you might have. God Bless you

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