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scentsy jumping jelly bean BBMB 2020

Jumpin' Jelly Bean

What does Jumpin’ Jelly Bean Smell Like:

Crisp pear and apple, zesty lemon and sugar evoke sweet childhood memories.



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Scentsy Jumpin’ Jelly Bean FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Available in more than 80 fragrances. • Fragrances can be combined to create your own blend. • Fragrance intensity can be increased by adding more wax cubes. • Designed by award-winning perfumers and fragrance designers. • A great value when compared to jarred candles of similar quality. • Multiple fragrance categories offer something for everyone. • Plenty of variety to suit every mood, space and taste.


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Instructions: 1 Bar contains 8 cubes. Use 2-3 Cubes at a time. When scent dissipates (typically 8-10 days when left on 24/7) remove wax and put 2-3 new cubes.

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