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Porch Pumpkin Scentsy Bar

Porch Pumpkin Scentsy Bar - Take to the top step with FRESH-PICKED PUMPKIN, ACORN and AUTUMN AIR This Scent is also available in: Room Sprays, Car Bars, Scent Circles Instructions: 1 Bar contains 8 cubes. Use 2-3 Cubes at a time. When scent dissipates (typically 8-10 days when left on 24/7) remove wax and put 2-3 new cubes.

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New for Fall - Porch Pumpkin Scent by Scentsy, When the pumpkins appear on the top steps of homes around town, you know the autumn season is underway! Create your own version of fall splendor indoors with Porch Pumpkin, crafted to evoke the scents of fresh pumpkin, acorns, and autumn air.FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Available in more than 80 fragrances. • Fragrances can be combined to create your own blend. • Fragrance intensity can be increased by adding more wax cubes. • Designed by award-winning perfumers and fragrance designers. • A great value when compared to jarred candles of similar quality. • Multiple fragrance categories offer something for everyone. • Plenty of variety to suit every mood, space and taste.

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