Candle Warmers

Scentsy Candle Warmers – Over 40 different styles – that either house a light bulb or a heating plate to gently warm the highly scented Scentsy Wax fragrance. All Scentsy warmers plug in to the wall. Scentsy warmers 2018 catalog.

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Candle Warmers - $20 Mini Warmers

$20 Mini Warmers
  • Adelaide Mini Warmer

    ADELAIDE NIGHTLIGHT SCENTSY WARMER Subtle amber glass casts a moody glow, reminiscent of softly glowing light from an antique oil lamp

  • Amber Leaves Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Amber Leaves Mini Warmer – A simple, elegant rendering of autumn-painted leaves awash in golden light.

  • Aspen Grove Mini Warmer

    Aspen Grove Mini Warmer – Bask in the serene glow of soft morning light filtering through a forest of aspen trees on a muted gray base. Ceramic.

  • Believe In Your Dreams Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Believe in your dreams – Don’t stop believing! Keep this cute, colorful reminder on display

  • Believe Plugin Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Believe mini warmer – A simple statement of hope decorates this white, earthenware warmer with weathered edges.

  • Blue Watercolor Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Blue Watercolor warmer – A swirl of rich, radiant color makes a vivid statement.

  • Burlap Star Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Burlap Star mini warmer – Create a folksy, intimate look in your home with a candle warmer designed to look like burlap decorated with a brilliant, red star.

  • Citrus Pop Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Citrus Pop – Yellow , This little warmer makes a big statement with funky pops of color and light against a brightly hued background. Glass.

  • Citrus Pop Red Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Citrus Pop – Red , This little warmer makes a big statement with funky pops of color and light against a brightly hued background. Glass.

  • Cranberry Glass Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Cranberry Glass – A festive and bold display of speckled light with a ruby glow.


  • Crazy Hot Mess Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Crazy Hot Mess mini warmer – Sometimes, the best things in life are a little nuts. Celebrate it with this charismatic warmer, perfect for energizing smaller spaces! Ceramic.


  • Crinkle Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Crinkle Warmer-Undulating ridges radiate across Crinkle, like waves rippling away from a skipped stone.

  • Damsel Mini Warmer

    Turn Damsel on and watch the majestic, bright green dragonflies come to life. Damsel nightlight warmers plug in

  • Dearly Departed Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Dearly Departed Mini Warmer – This classically creepy skull is dead-set on dialing up the fear factor with its eerie glow

  • Dream It, Live It, Love It Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Dream It, Live it, Love it -A message to live by! Keep it on display wherever you’d like a little extra dose of inspiration.

  • Enjoy Little Things Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Little Things Mini Warmer – This bright, cheery Warmer will remind you to stop and smell the flowers every day.

  • Happy Camper Mini Warmer

    Show off your personality with an adorable, plug-in warmer decorated with the cutest camper ever! Designed in joyful blue, this quirky warmer would also be a great housewarming gift!

  • Hello Fall Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Hello Fall Mini Warmer – Welcome sweater weather with a glowing declaration of color and light.

  • Indigo Tile Mini Warmer

    A Spanish-style pattern drenched in rich shades of blue and enhanced by meticulous detailing. Ceramic.

  • Jane Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Jane Mini Warmer-Scrolling, wrought-iron details frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column.

  • Mason Jar Mini Warmer

    Shine your light and illuminate your life, your heart and your dreams. Recapture a childlike sense of wonder and adventure

  • Morning Sunrise Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Morning Sunrise – Daybreak drenched in golden light and lifelike, three-dimensional detail.

  • Octopus Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Octopus – This leggy little guy is poised and ready to make a sea, worthy statement in any small space.

  • Oklahoma State Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Oklahoma State University Plugin Warmer – OKLAHOMA STATE Big spirit in a smaller size!

  • Owl Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Whoot Mini Warmer – a finely detailed warmer that glows golden when on. Flip the switch and watch this symbol of wisdom come to life.

  • Sand Dollar Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Sand Dollar -A high-gloss finish in pale, sandy taupe- debossed sand dollars in white and matching light holes in between

  • Scentsy North Carolina Mini Warmer

    Big spirit in a smaller size! Feature your team’s logo — and your favorite game day fragrance — in even the smallest spaces.

  • Sea Star Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Sea Star – Let Sea Star bring some coastal treasure to your favorite small space.

  • Spooky House Warmer

    A haunted abode looms ominously against a wave of soft, ghostly light. 4″ tall, 15W, glass.

  • Tea Rose Mini Warmer

    Bring the diminutive beauty of a tea rose indoors with this bone-finish warmer that glows from within.

  • Tilia Mini Warmer

    TILIA NIGHTLIGHT SCENTSY WARMER A stark silhouette of winter-bare branches, backlit by a glowing porcelain base.

  • Vintage Glass Mini Warmer

    Vintage glass scentsy -Light the way with this crafted in smoky glass that is hand cut. Vintage Flair for any decor.

  • Wildlife Mini Warmer

    Wildlife mini warmer – Weave some woodland magic into any space with this rustic, softly lit warmer, featuring a tranquil scene cast in perfect silhouette.

  • Yukon King Mini Warmer

    Yukon King Mini Warmer-Get cozy and comfortable with this plug-in warmer that is decorated with a stately moose.


Candle Warmers - $25 Candle Warmers

$25 Candle Warmers
  • Love Warmer

    Love Warmer – A simple earthenware surface reflects the sweet purity of Love’s message.

  • Midnight Copper

    Cool, geometric shapes are so now! And Midnight Copper ups the fab factor with a rich metallic finish and a versatile size that can take center stage or freshen your favorite corner.

  • Zen Rock Warmer

    Scentsy Zen Rock Element warmer is inspired by tranquil spa rocks, Zen Rock combines sleek modern design with the soothing, organic tones of nature.


Candle Warmers - $30 Candle Warmers

$30 Candle Warmers
  • Alabaster Warmer

    ALABASTER SCENTSY WARMER The look of chiseled alabaster — brought to life by a quiet, ethereal glow — will lend a simple sophistication

  • Antique Cross Warmer

    Scentsy Antique Cross Warmer – Step into a centuries-old cathedral with this enduring symbol of hope, displayed upon a white crackle finish.

  • Beacon Warmer

    Scentsy Beacon Warmer – Subtle hints of aqua glowing through modern matte gray unexpected color

  • Believe in Yourself Warmer

    Believe in Yourself Candle Warmer – Neutral and Simplistic but very meaningful

  • Charity Warmer

    Scentsy Charity – Understated and inspired, Charity’s matte antique white finish over slate-like shades of brown, rust and green

  • Etched Copper Warmer

    Scentsy Etched Copper-Make it bold! Finely ribbed texture finished in a brilliant copper color will catch eyes from any angle.

  • Explore Dream Discover Warmer

    Scentsy Explore, Dream, Discover – Have fragrance, will travel! Inspired by the irresistible pull of the open road, this warmer will look right at home in the RV or any adventure lover’s favorite hangout.

  • Farmhouse Family Warmer

    Scentsy Farmhouse Warmer – Celebrate the simple beauty of being together with Farmhouse Family, a glowing homage to time well spent.

  • Rustic Sunflower Warmer

    Rustic Sunflower – Sunflowers stand for adoration, loyalty, and longevity but even more important than that, they make us smile!

  • Satin Black Warmer

    Black Scentsy Warmer-A versatile design with a simple, matte finish

  • Tilia Warmer

    Tilia is such a great new Scentsy warmer for the fall and winter season. It’s very simple, yet elegant.


Candle Warmers - $35 Candle Warmers

$35 Candle Warmers
  • Appreciation Warmer

    Scentsy Appreciation Warmer – Lasts infinitely longer than the real thing and looks prettier, too. Gift your favorite teacher with the ultimate apple.

  • Black Forest Warmer

    Ideal for any home, this black candle warmer features a woodsy scene in white for a modern look that will fit in wonderfully with a traditional or contemporary decorating style.

  • Carrara Warmer

    A marble-like finish lends an air of history to this simple, streamlined piece. Carrara also looks great with one of our warmer wraps

  • Country Canister Warmer

    There’s a vintage feel to the Country Canister Warmer. Its shabby farmhouse chic white exterior comes
    complete with chalk to write your own message on the chalk board.

  • Dream Big Scentsy Warmer

    NEW! Scentsy Perfect for a child’s bedroom or your own favorite hideaway, this dynamic shout-out comes dressed up in a hint of shimmer and shine.

  • Gather Together Warmer

    Gather Together – Farmhouse style element warmer brings back the country vibe.  Fashioned after a vintage canister and stamped with a timeless message, Gather Together is perfect for anyone looking for a simple but on-trend piece.

  • Give Thanks Milk Can Warmer

    Give Thanks Milk Can Warmer – A downhome message of gratitude expressed
    with just enough rustic-retro flair.

  • Home Warmer

    No place like home Scentsy Warmer – Welcome home! This cozy red house is complete with windows, a door and a removable black roof

  • Jane Warmer

    Jane Warmer-Scrolling, wrought-iron details frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column.

  • Live Simply Warmer

    Live Simply Scentsy Warmer – It’s a calming message to remember in our fast-paced world, here on a charming, pastoral warmer speaks to the undeniable sweetness of simplicity

  • Lone Star Candle Warmer

    Lone Star Warmer – Pleasantly unrefined, Lone Star is a proclamation of freedom and spirit — Display this rustic symbol, set against a pattern of reclaimed barn wood, with pride.

  • Love Swept Warmer

    Scentsy love swept, a warmer with LOVE imprinted with arrows.Keep your styling fresh with trendy shapes

  • Love Your Journey Warmer

    Love your Journey – Everyone has a journey, this candle warmer is a reminder to love your unique journey – it’s yours and yours only.

  • Mason Jar Warmer

    Scentsy mason jar warmer – The most popular scentsy warmer of all time. Get your Chasing Fireflies warmer today

  • Once In A Lifetime Warmer

    Scentsy Once In A Lifetime – Find L O V E everlasting in this lilac, colored warmer, boldly embellished with the only word that matters.

  • Owl Whoot Warmer

    Scentsy Owl Warmer – a piece of art, a finely detailed warmer that glows golden when on. Flip the switch and watch this symbol of wisdom come to life.

  • Pack Your Bags Warmer

    Scentsy pack your bags May Warmer of the month – Stamped with a funky seaside scene from a bygone era, Pack Your Bags will whisk revelers away to the perfect postcard moment.

  • Passport Warmer

    Scentsy Passport – With all the markings of a seasoned world traveler, Passport will take your decor around the globe without leaving

  • Pinhole Paisley Warmer

    Light bright! A carefully applied pinhole design that casts illuminated patterns turns this simple white warmer into quite the showstopper when lit.

  • Prairie Pitcher Warmer

    Scentsy Prairie Pitcher – This rustic charmer is finished with weathered-like detailing for a pitcher-perfect country chic

  • Rainforest Fern Warmer

    Scentsy Rainforest Candle Warmer – Go a little wild while still staying chic with a bold, on-trend tropical leaf print.
    This pretty warmer is covered with fresh green and blue leaves for a touch of the tropics in your home.

  • Rustic Garden Warmer

    Rustic Garden Scentsy Warmer
    This rustic garden water pail candle warmer by Scentsy is the perfect accompaniment for your shabby
    chic or country décor.

  • Scentsy Pineapple Warmer

    Scentsy pineapple warmer called Southern Hospitality is so popular right now. Designed down to the last detail, this fresh candle warmer would be wonderful in a kitchen or dining area.

  • Service & Sacrifice Warmer

    Scentsy Service & Sacrifice candle warmer – Military Warmer, Melt our wax with the heat of a low, watt lightbulb and fill your space with fragrance.

  • Spoonful Warmer

    Spoonful of Sugar – Canister Candle Warmer – Sugar and spice and everything nice! Lend farmhouse flair to your kitchen with this rustic candle warmer.

  • Vintage Crock Warmer

    Vintage Crock, Bring on the farmhouse charm! Crafted in blue crockery with a charming rooster

  • Dream Big Warmer

    Scentsy Dream Big Warmer – Perfect for a child’s bedroom or your own favorite hideaway, this dynamic shout-out comes dressed up in a hint of shimmer and shine.


Candle Warmers - $40 Candle Warmers

$40 Candle Warmers
  • Little Garden Warmer

    A meditative merging of cool grays and clean contours elevates this DIY warmer to artistic heights. Little Garden also includes three faux succulents

  • Love, Laughter, Coffee Warmer

    Brighten your day with this sweet and simple reminder of the good things in life.

  • Morning Grind Warmer

    Scentsy Morning Grind – Modeled after an old-fashioned coffee grinder, this warmer embodies the vintage

  • Pick of the Patch Warmer

    Celebrate the fruits of the harvest with a stack of
    just-picked pumpkins.

  • Rustic Jack

    Rustic Jack – Farmhouse chic goes full-on frightening with an ominous grin and haunting, Halloween-ready glow.

    $40.00 $36.00
  • Tin Can Stars Warmer

    Tin Can Stars
    Enjoy the beauty of a glowing star day or night with this rustic, tin can candle warmer

  • Unbridled Warmer

    The Unbridled Scentsy Warmer is the perfect gift for the horse lover. Its rustic styling is a shoe-in for any equestrian décor.


Candle Warmers - $45 Candle Warmers

$45 Candle Warmers
  • Amber Fluted Warmer

    Amber Fluted Warmer – Rich amber glass with a bronze interior, dappled by flecks of soft light. 8.5” tall, 25 w

  • Boston Blitzen Warmer

    This cute Boston Terrier Puppy is poised and ready to party in his holiday best.  Available on October 1st.

    Popular Boston Terriers have a huge fan base! Do you know a Boston Terrier owner? Make Christmas come early and gift them this cute holiday Warmer.

    Taking Pre-Orders Now

  • Calavera Warmer

    Scentsy Calavera is a stunning example of the enigmatic and intricately designed sugar skulls so prevalent in Mexican folk art, Calavera is a remarkable feast for the eyes.

  • Champagne Warmer

    Scentsy Champagne – With its thick, tinted glass and heirloom-inspired shape, Champagne feels like an ornamental stamp from a bygone

  • Colors of Rainbow Warmer

    Scentsy Colors of the Rainbow warmer – Make the bright choice! Colors of the Rainbow was born to be noticed with an enchanting kaleidoscope-inspired design

  • Country Light Warmer

    Scentsy Country Light warmer – Thick glass, antiqued window pane accents and a weathered wood base give Country Light a distinct bohemian vibe.

  • Fluted Gray Warmer

    Scentsy Fluted Gray Warmer Classically trained but ready to mingle with the contemporary set! This warmer takes traditional fluted glass and gives it a fresh

  • Frenchie Warmer

    Scentsy French Bulldog – Show off your Frenchie love with this cute candle warmer. He sports a red collar and a pert look, he is ready to obey your every command!

    Attention! Pup décor is all the rage, and Frenchie will make quite a bark … er … splash with his perfect posture and striking red collar.

  • Grateful Thankful Blessed Warmer

    Scentsy Grateful Thankful Blessed- Rosy, transparent color glows strong and true behind an etched message of gratitude. lore

  • Hello Spring March Warmer

    NEW! Hello Spring – March Warmer of the Month Spring is on its way! And this warmer will help you roll out the red carpet with watercolor-inspired artwork and a serene, sunny glow.

  • Jack Warmer

    Scentsy Halloween Warmer – Jack -With his menacing grin and fierce GLOW,

    $45.00 $36.00
  • Make Scene Warmer

    Scentsy Make a Scene – feel free to decorate it up (or down) as you please! Make a Scene is a mini stage waiting for its own cast of characters, like figurines, faux flora and more.

  • Midnight In Paris Warmer

    Scentsy Midnight in Paris – You’ll always have Paris. Or at least, you’ll always have its most-loved icon looking fab in your favorite space. And that’s almost the same, right?


  • Ocean Mosaic Warmer

    Scentsy Mosaic Warmer -Ride the waves. A glass patchwork of nautical hues imparts a cool, vintage feel

  • Open Plains Warmer

    Open Plains Candle warmer – Go for that edgy look in your home with a candle warmer inspired by a real-life, cow skull, the kind you would find on a ranch in Montana or in the Arizona desert.

  • Parlor Warmer

    Parlor Edison Scentsy warmer is brand new-Infuse your space with the romantic glow of an Edison bulb. Smoky gray glass adds to the vintage ambience.

  • Scentsy Camper Warmer

    Get hitched! Modeled after the classic RVs that once ruled the highways and bi-ways, this retro warmer will inspire you to heed the pull of the open road.

  • Scentsy Cat Warmer

    Scentsy Cat warmer We all love our pets and most of us treat them like one of the family.

  • Scentsy Dog Warmer

    Scentsy I love Dogs Warmer Go all-out adorable! Show the world your canine friends are worth barking about with this sweet and whimsical Warmer.

  • Spooky Skeleton Warmer

    Spooky – Make him the master of your Halloween ceremonies to ensure a ghoulishly good time is had by all.

  • Starflower Warmer

    Scentsy Starflower – When lit, this intricate pattern of etched glass petals exudes a glittery, diamond-like radiance


Candle Warmers - $50 Candle Warmers

$50 Candle Warmers
  • Antler Lodge Candle Warmer

    Antler Lodge -Glowing from within, this candle warmer is crafted in glass that is surrounded with a chicken wire frame. It is seated on a bed of faux antlers for a rustic touch that would be at home in almost any aesthetic.

  • Around The World Warmer

    Scentsy Around The World – Go global from the comfort of home with this distinguished warmer, complete with a real map of the world

  • Christmas Glow Warmer

    Scentsy Christmas Glow – Go for the glitz this holiday season with the spectacular Christmas Glow! when lit.

    $50.00 $45.00
  • Crystal Ice Warmer

    Crystal Ice Candle warmer – a bright blue urban inspired styled warmer. Modern, sleek and unique. Uses a 40 watt bulb to warm highly scented wax.

  • Daisy Lantern Warmer

    Scentsy Daisy Lantern – When Daisy Lantern is lit, it casts gorgeous, bloom-shaped shadows on any surface, while the bronze-toned finish adds a warm elegance.

  • Elegance Warmer

    This elegant candle warmer is reminiscent of a gentle time when guests were welcomed with tea in the
    parlor. Its delicately detailed pink glass design subtly illuminates.

  • Mid-Century Warmer

    Scentsy Mid-Century – Melt our wax with the heat of a low-watt lightbulb and fill your space with fragrance – not flame, smoke or soot.

  • Nova Warmer

    NEW! Scentsy Nova is A true original, Nova’s modern shape and one-of-a-kind light display (no two are exactly alike!) will drop a little dazzle into any situation.

  • Scentsy StarGaze Warmer

    Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and color

  • Sea Stone Warmer

    Sea Stone Scentsy warmer-Gorgeous blue and green stones surround the outside so that when this candle warmer is lit, you get a lovely, water-like glow right in your home.

  • Seas the Day Warmer

    Scentsy Seas the Day – Want something simple that still stands out? Seize this versatile, coastally inclined warmer

  • Spindle Warmer

    Scentsy Spindle – Bronzed, hand, wound wire fits like a glove over a classic lantern shape for an elegant, rustic, chic

  • Vino Warmer

    Scentsy Vino – Cheers! A toast, worthy shape gets gussied up with hand, wound wire and a removable top, so you can achieve two different looks

  • Wildlife Warmer

    Weave some woodland magic into any space with this rustic, softly lit warmer, featuring a tranquil scene cast in perfect silhouette.


Candle Warmers - $55 Candle Warmers

$55 Candle Warmers
  • Friends and Family Warmer

    Friends & Family Gather Here Warmer – Farmhouse charm abounds in rustic-chic

  • Unicorn Stella Warmer

    Currently on Backorder

    Scentsy Stella the Unicorn Warmer – Iridescent finish – One adorable unicorn! Last seen making fantasies real wherever she roams with an ultra-glossy coat, rainbow mane and tail, and enough cute to win admirers of every age.


Candle Warmers - Scentsy Wraps

Scentsy Wraps
  • Forest Meadow Wrap

    Scentsy Forest Meadow Wrap -A family of deer amble amidst towering firs in a beautifully detailed forest scape that brings nature’ tranquility indoors.

  • Friendly Forest Wrap

    Wrap your Etched Core or Carrara Warmer with a menagerie of cute critters and stylized flora, all rendered in a folk-art-inspired style.

  • Moose Valley Wrap

    Scentsy Moose Valley Wrap – Find rustic reverie in a beautifully rendered scene of a moose family in their woodsy homeland

  • Raven Wrap Warmer

    Raven Wrap & Etched Core Warmer – A raven stands big and bold against a neutral canvas to create this legendary Halloween silhouette.