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Wicker Warmer

Scentsy Wicker Warmer - Rattan-inspired designs, including chairs, light fixtures and other accents are trending in home décor, so Wicker will fit right in with any trendsetter’s decorative theme. But it’s also neutral enough to work in just about any space. And if you look closely, you’ll see that it features one piece of metal that’s painstakingly wrapped around the frame, which means it’s as deeply rooted in craftsmanship as it is in any trend.  


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Wicker Candle Warmer

7" tall, Uses 40 Watt bulb

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy started as Scentsy Wickless Candles and sold electric candle warmers and wax blocks to use with the warmers, that some people still call Scentsy burners. But since we're not 'burning' anything and only warming the wax just above body temperature, we try to refrain from using that 'burning' term.

Over the years, Scentsy has expanded its product lines to room sprays, car bars, travel tins and Scentsy buddies.  Just within the last few years, we have also added essential oils and diffusers to our lineup, in addition to cleaning products, laundry care and bath & body products.  We're a fragrance company.  Our products are available in our most liked, most popular scents. Black raspberry vanilla has been a classic and liked by just about everyone.

How many Scentsy Wax Cubes do I put in my candle warmer? 

Depends, how strong to do like your fragrance? I like mine pretty strong, so I use 3-4 cubes at a time. Those 3-4 cubes last about 4 days when the warmer is on 24/7.  I then use a cotton cleanup to get the wax out of the Scentsy warmer when I no longer smell it, and put another set of cubes in again.

Please join our live chat if you have any questions - we're here to help answer your questions and get you set up with your new Scentsy system!