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Scentsy La Habana

Who doesn’t love traveling to exotic places? You will find it hard to turn down a trip to Havana, Cuba, courtesy of our BRAND NEW fragrance collection, ¡La Habana! 

Explore these incredible and totally distinct fragrances:

  • Pastelitos – Stop for a treat on the way to somewhere magical with luscious pineapple, lime and a splash of dark rum.
  • Playa de Varadero – Find a new perspective where the sand meets the sea, on a sweet tide of sugarcane, bergamot zest and fresh Havana lily.
  • Habana Vieja – Step inside history and take a stroll through bustling streets redolent with tobacco flower, amber and vanilla.
  • Café Cubano – Share your secrets and uncover new mysteries behind a backdrop of roasted coffee, exotic almond flower and sandalwood.
  • Flor de Mariposa – Stumble onto a secluded garden and make it yours with romantic jasmine roused by juicy grapefruit and white plum.

  ¡La Habana! Collection

Lose yourself in our new ¡La Habana! CollectionBrand-new fragrances, and embark on a sensory journey through a magical, mysterious place. Each scent captures a different side of Cuba, from the memory-laden walls of Café Cubano to the shores of Playa de Varadero.

You can purchase our ¡La Habana! Collection three ways:

  • As a collection, packaged in a decorative burlap sack, for $20.* ($5 savings!)
  • A mix-and-match multipack of 5 Bars of your choice for $20.* ($5 savings!)
  • Individual Scentsy Bars for $5.*

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Note: This collection will only be available while supplies last!

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