Best Sellers-September

Below are the the top selling, most popular products for September – A must try for all! These are the best! Click Below to shop for products! Scentsy Bars Pumpkin Roll Autumn Sunset Very Merry Cranberry Christmas Cottage Honey Pear Cider Room Spray Clean Breeze Pumpkin Roll Luna Autumn Sunset Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Circle […]

Top Sellers

Below are the Top Sellers for May 2012 – I get asked all the time, what are the best scentsy scents – I’m not sure which to choose. There are over 80 scents to choose from and everyone likes different styles of warmers and they have different scent choices and favorites as well. This post […]

Best Scents-Warmers


Top Scents For Feburary FEBRUARY TOP SELLERS Scentsy Scent Bars Black Raspberry Vanilla Luna Clean Breeze Perfectly Pomegranate Pixie Scentsy Nightlight Warmers Tea Rose Charity Boho Chic Pop! Zebra Scentsy Scent Circle My Dear Watson Weathered Leather Black Raspberry Vanilla Clean Breeze Luna Scent Packs Sunlit Morning Newborn Nursery Festival of Trees Camu Camu Sweet […]

Favorite Scentsy Bars

What are the Scentsy scents for the holidays?  You’ll love them all.. Scentsy makes a great gift for anyone that loves a great smelling home, room, car, office, gym bag, closet… anywhere~! See the new updated list of scents The below were Scentsy’s best selling fragrances for the Christmas and Holiday Season. Favorite Scentsy Bars […]

Scentsy Popular

For the Month of August – These were the top fragrances , based on what customers ordered. Most popular Scents Autumn Sunset Luna Black Raspberry Vanilla Welcome Home Clean Breeze Most Popular Scentsy Warmers Sol Lenore Zebra Boho Chic Piece by Piece Most Popular Scentsy Bricks Lush Gardenia Beach Jumpin’ Jelly Bean Mulberry Bush Lilacs […]

Popular Scentsy Scents May

Below are the top / Favorite & most popular scents for May! Popular Scents for the month of May To Buy Scentsy Bars and Products : Buy Scentsy Products Scentsy Bars Luna Clean Breeze Black Raspberry Vanilla Coconut Lemongrass Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bricks Blueberry Cheesecake Coconut Lemongrass Luna Amber Road Jumpin’ Jelly Bean Scentsy Travel […]