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Scentsy Club

What is Scentsy Club?

Scentsy Club is a monthly subscription program that lets you schedule shipments of your favorite Scentsy consumables

(aka the stuff that runs out) right to your door.  Members enjoy exclusive perks when they join.

Club Shipping Perks

10% discount on orders of $30 (USD) or more

AND a 1/2 Price product on orders of $60 (USD) or more

Start building your box by choosing a category:

Check out these amazing Scentsy Club perks:

Scentsy club order mail

10% off on orders of $30 or more!

1/2 Price Item of $60 or more!

specials perks

More Great Perks

Add a Scentsy Brick to subscriptions over $30 for just $24! Plus, enjoy loads of other benefits exclusive to Scentsy Club members.

scentsy products

So Many Options

Includes all Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles, Scentsy Oils and anything else that needs a restock, even light bulbs!

discontinued bars

Always Get Your Bar

If we discontinue a bar that’s in your subscription, we’ll keep making it just for you (as long as you keep it in your order!).

*See FAQ for details and rules.

order calendar

Get it when you want it

Three customizable delivery options to suit your schedule. Every month, every two months or every three months.

What is Always Get My Bar?

This is one of our favorite benefits exclusive to Scentsy Club members. Throughout the
year, Scentsy Bars are discontinued to make room for new ones. The problem is, it’s
disappointing when your very favorite fragrance is discontinued. But worry no more! If
we discontinue a bar that’s in your subscription, we’ll keep making it just for you (as
long as you keep it in your subscription)!

What are the rules for Always Get My Bar?

• The discontinued bar must be added to a subscription while still available for sale (so you have to make sure it’s been added to your subscription BEFORE it’s been discontinued)
• Total quantity and delivery frequency of a discontinued bar can be decreased, but
not increased. – In other words.. if you set up the subscription for 4 every three months.. you can change it to 2 but you can’t change it to any quantity higher than what you started with.
• Shipment of a discontinued bar can be skipped twice in a calendar year. Beyond
that, the bar is automatically and permanently removed from the subscription.

When can changes be made to the Scentsy Club subscription?

Customers can modify their account and profile information at any time. When
modifying an existing subscription order, changes will be made to the next available
subscription shipment. There is a 20-day blackout period prior to the Processing For
Shipment date when subscriptions can no longer be modified

What is the full list of products and limited-time offerings in the Scentsy Club

As of Sept. 1, 2018, eligible product availability in the US is as follows:


Scentsy Bars
Travel Tins
Room Sprays
Scent Circles
Scent Paks
Fragrance Oils
Scentsy Car Bars


Laundry Liquid
Washer Whiffs, 16 oz.
Washer Whiffs, 48 oz.
Dryer Disks
Scent Soft


Kitchen Soap
Bathroom Cleaner
Counter Clean
Scentsy Fresh


Body Cream
Body Souffle
Body Wash
Hand Cream
Hand Soap
Fragrance Roller
Bath Bombs



Your first perk: Always Get My Bar!

Sept. 1-22, add any discontinued Spring/Summer 2018 Scentsy Bar to your subscription and we’ll keep making it — just for you!

Choose Your Products!

Order as many consumables as you’d like.

Choose How often they Ship!

Select shipping options that suit your schedule.

Enjoy the Perks!

Take advantage of benefits exclusively for Scentsy Club members.


10% Discount

On orders of $30 or more. AND a 1/2 price item on orders of $60 or more*

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