How to remove scentsy wax from dish


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Here’s a few tips to toss out your wax after it’s used

  • Turn off your warmer & be sure to let the wax cool until it’s a solid piece. Then, use a knife to gently loosen the edges and pop the wax out in one piece. ta-da!
  • Put a small, but cute, ribbon at the bottom of your warmer dish — make sure an end is sticking out on one side, then when it’s time to swap out the wax or time to get rid of it, simply unplug your warmer, let the wax cool enough to form a solid piece, grab the end of the ribbon to pop it out.
  • OR …When the wax is still melted, drop a cotton ball in the warmer dish and let it soak up all the wax, then remove and toss in the trash.
  • Pour liquid wax in the trash or a throw away container (never down the drain), then wipe the warmer dish clean w/ a paper towel, which is what most people do.

How to Store Your Scentsy Wax

Scentsy recommends that you simply store your Scentsy Bars in a cool, dry place like a closet — never in direct sunlight! — so they’ll be protected from the elements.

Did you know:  To make the most of your fragrance experience, be sure you’re using the optimal amount of wax cubes for your warmer’s size and bulb or heat plate wattage. This is new, we’ve made that easy! Now, warmers released in the Fall/Winter 2017 season and beyond have a number on the bottom of the warmer dish with the suggested number of wax cubes. For any warmers that were created before that season, simply ask us and we can guide you.

We’d also love to hear from you!  Would you like to share with us any cool (or warm!) wax hacks? Comment below to let us know!

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