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storage boxes for scentsy bars

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Let’s talk Scentsy Storage

We all have them, and sometimes we have them in stacks on a shelf, in a closet .. in the freezer (yup, I said it.. frozen Scentsy Bars)

storage boxes for scentsy barsIt’s a question that comes up a lot ..

  • Everyone has their favorite scents, am I right?
  • Then there are the trial scents you choose to try from New Releases when the new catalogs are released, in hopes to find another favorite to add to your list.
  • Don’t forget about the scents to celebrate Christmas or Valentine’s Day because why the heck not?
  • What about the seasons in general .. like fall, when you need those spicy scents
  • If you’re anything like my husband and I, we each have our faves, so factor in those as well..

So, let’s say you have about 4 candle warmers in your home, I’m thinking with the list above and the 4 warmers, you’ll need a minimum of what … 41 Scentsy Bars?  Let’s round it up to say 50, just in case you need to have a few on hand for gifts or what not.

Storage is Important!

The way you store your Scentsy bars can affect a scents’ character, duration and performance.

box for wax bar storage

Scentsy has gathered together a list of dos and don’ts on how to properly store your candle bars to maximize their shelf life:

  1. Do keep them in a cool, dark place. (We like to store ours in the linen closet)
  2. Do lay them flat
  3. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight for long lengths of time. The scent will totally change for the worse, trust me.
  4. Do use the “first in, first out rule”! Be sure to use the older bars in your stash  first.
  5. Don’t keep your Scentsy Bars in the car on a hot day — the sun will most likely melt them.
  6. Don’t use the freeze method — it’s too extreme for most fragrance oils. (We’ve tested it, Don’t do it!)
  7. Don’t keep too many Scentsy Bars on hand.  (Hahahahaha — we’re only kidding. We’re enablers! Go ahead and stock up.)

But … Do stock up each catalog season on the Scentsy bars that you’ll use right away. (Not many folks will use Winter Pine in July, but we’re not judging)


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