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New Scentsy Diffuser Special


Diffuser Special free oil

Our February Diffuser Bundle offer runs from Feb. 1-28, 2018, and the recipe for success is the same:  

 Buy any Scentsy Diffuser during this transition month and you’ll get 10% OFF.* 

Plus, you get to choose three FREE 100% Natural Oils to bundle with it!  

After all, what’s not to love about Scentsy Diffusers? They’re carefully handcrafted, artistically designed décor pieces that not only fill your space with exquisite Scentsy Oil fragrances, but add a distinct touch of color, light and liveliness to any room. 

 Bundle it with any three of our 100% Natural Oils — FREE — from this list: 

 Apple Orange Raspberry 

Baby Bliss 

Caramel Vanilla Strawberry 

Eucalyptus Lavender Mint 

Jasmine White Tea 

Lemongrass Cucumber Lime 

Marine Cypress Lavender 

Orange Strawberry Melon 

Patchouli Rose 

Pecan Sugarcane Vanilla 

Pineapple Coconut Lime 

Rose Chamomile Lavender 

Sandalwood Lemon Basil 


Each bottle of Scentsy Oil is 15mL, and all three together add up to a $30 value! 


Two bundle options are available for purchase: 


February Diffuser Bundle, $117

February Diffuser Bundle (Stargaze), $135


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