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Scentsy Find Your Happy Bars – Just for a moment, Close your eyes and picture your happy place or think about moments when you felt truly happy.

What if there was a fragrance that could take you back to special memories that you hold, that could help you relive that unique feeling or create a new experiences just as blissful?

The Find Your Happy! Scentsy Wax Collection was designed to take you to your happy place, put a smile on your face and inspire joy in everyday moments — all through the power of amazing fragrance.

The bundle of five new Scentsy Bars comes in an organza bag that makes it gift-ready (they are even tied together with a cheerful yellow ribbon) so you can make a few others happy too!

This new Find Your Happy collection will be available for $25 starting Aug. 19.

Happiness awaits with these 5 new fragrances:

First-Kiss Fireworks: Pucker up as pink lemon and sweet red apple explode with a kiss of soft musk.

Sunrise with Friends: Orange zest rises in the air while waves of coastal water lap ocean driftwood for a moment that will last a lifetime.

Taste of Summer: Sit back and relax with iced tea, lemon, sparkling sugar and a moment to take it all in.

Showered in Flowers: Follow the trail of rose petals to a bouquet of sweet jasmine, sun-kissed greens and overwhelming love.

Wild, Barefoot & Free: Throw caution to the wind, soak up the fresh air, and feel the grass between your toes with the aroma of wild ivy.

Spread the joy! Find your happy!

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