Scentsy Glam Buddies

scentsy glam buddies

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With much excitement – I introduce you to

Scentsy Glam Buddies!

First, make sure to fill out the form here to be notified as soon as each of these Scentsy Glam Buddies becomes available. 

Our first two Glam Scentsy Buddies, Posh the Poodle and Spiffy the Sloth, will be coming soon — and their stylish buddy friends aren’t far behind! 

What is a Scentsy Buddy

Soft, cuddly stuffed toys that come in all types of characters.  Scentsy Buddies are limited time offers and don’t stay long due to their popularity. A free scent pak comes along with a purchase of a buddy and this scent pak slips into the buddy so of course you get Scentsy Fragrance every time you squeeze the buddy. 

There are a total of six Buddies in the Glam Buddy Collection, and each will only be available while supplies last. You can start collecting each of the Glam Buddies, starting off with Posh and Spiffy.

So tell us, which is your favorite? 

scentsy glam buddies

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Spiffy the Sloth – With his dapper bowtie and silver paws, Spiffy the Sloth always looks sharp. And his soft fur and sparkling eyes make him a snuggable companion for any occasion!

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Posh the Poodle – Proper and pink, Posh the Poodle is a pup that appreciates the finer things in life. You’ll fall in love with her textured fur, shiny silver paws and elegant bow.

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