Scentsy Join Special – May 2021

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Have you been about starting your own business? Earning some extra income on the side, maybe along with your full time job or maybe you’re a mom that works at home taking care of the kids and house all day and don’t want to leave the house to go back to work, but would love a little bit extra cash to ease the struggle. 

This is the month to try it out, it’s ONLY $20, which is the cost of a mini warmer by itself. So the rest of this is basically free. 

  • Scentsy Mini Warmer (warmer will vary)
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • 5 Spring/Summer 2021 Catalogs
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Sample Packette Bundle. (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
  • 20 Fragrance Testers

This join special is perfect for those that prefer to sell online, through social media or a blogger that prefers to share products through their blog.

You also get a Scentsy website FREE for 3 months.  After that 3 months, if you decide to keep it going, it’s just $10 a month (tax write-off for your new business) which is a great price if you think about it, Scentsy does all the work on it, keeps it updated and fresh with new content and all you have to do is provide the link to your website to friends, family or those that you’re marketing your business to.  

Do you still have questions? See below and hopefully those will help explain more. 

join scentsy special 20

Interested in Starting your Business? But Have more questions first

No monthly requirement. Scentsy Only requires you to have at least 200 personal retail volume in one month out of a 12 month period. That’s right – you have 12 months to have at least 200 in one of those months.

IF you are a leader, meaning you have consultants join under you, Scentsy requires that you have personal retail volume of  200 in one month, and you have 4 months to make that happen – that is to keep your team under you.  IF you don’t, your team that is under you will roll up to your sponsor. But, you still remain a consultant. The idea is that Scentsy wants to make sure that those leaders are actually working their business as well. 

Absolutely not!  While some people really like to have home parties, we understand that many do not, or do not have the time to do so. 

You can run your business based on how it fits into your lifestyle. 

You can run your business as an influencer and just share the products on social media and include your scentsy website link for people to shop.  

You can have online parties, some enjoy interacting more through facebook. 

It’s totally up to you! 

There are some rules in place to make sure it’s fair across all consultants. We go into this in the next FAQ

Definitely not! This is one of the most important rules, if you don’t recall any other rule, please make sure you understand this one. 

You cannot sell on any public site. This includes craigslist, amazon, ebay, mercari, poshmark and any other site where you are taking payment directly from the customer online.  

All sales must go through the Scentsy workstation (where you’ll enter orders on behalf of your customers) OR through your Scentsy website (where your customers can order directly and you get your commission for the sale). 

As a new consultant, you start out at 20% commission on your sales.  

Once you move to Certified consultant (you can get there quickly when you reach $1000 in sales since you started) you start earning 25% from that point on.  

If you sell over $2000 in one month, you’ll get a bonus of 5%. 

Once you have people join under you and you earn the rank of ‘Lead Consultant’, you’ll start earning off their sales too! This is where it really starts adding up! 

Here’s the compensation plan: 

scentsy compensation plan

Yes. Everyone does. However, you can choose to be independent and not have constant contact with someone.  Totally up to you and how you want to run your business.  

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