Scentsy Sylvester & Tweety

MT LooneyTunes SylvesterTweety ScentPak R

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There’s only one phrase to start off with when referring to this collection! Sufferin’ succotash!

Sylvester & Tweety Join the Scentsy Buddy Gang on Monday, October 18th! 

Yes, the two famous foes will join the Looney Tunes Collection!

NEW! Sylvester™ Scentsy Buddy comes with a FREE Scent Pak in our exclusive Looney Tunes fragrance, featuring a fruity blend of apple juice, ripe red berries and sugared cherry.

And to make this launch extra special, the adorable Tweety Bird™ – Scentsy Buddy Clip is scented with Vanilla Bean Buttercream in honor of his upcoming birthday!

Both Scentsy fragrances complement each other perfectly, and together, create a sweet, creamy scent that’s pure fun.


We’re so excited about our upcoming Batman™ and Looney Tunes™ launches that we’re adding two exclusive bundles to the product pile!

The following bundles will be available with the Batman™ and Looney Tunes™ launches beginning Oct. 18:

  • Looney Tunes™ Bundle

Includes one each of the following:

  • Sylvester™ Scentsy Buddy + Looney Tunes™ Scent Pak
  • Bugs Bunny™ Scentsy Buddy + Looney Tunes™  Scent Pak
  • Daffy Duck™ Scentsy Buddy + Looney Tunes™  Scent Pak
  • Tweety Bird™  Scentsy Buddy Clip scented with Vanilla Bean Buttercream


  • DC Batman™ Bundle

Includes one Batman™ – Scentsy Warmer and three DC Justice League™ – Scentsy Bars

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