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When I decided to join Scentsy I asked Every question possible. I thought by giving this information, it will help other soon-to-be consultants know what the top 10 reasons are for selling Scentsy!

1. Scentsy is flexible, you can Sell Scentsy in your free time, or make it your business. Whatever your goals, Scentsy is there to help you reach them.

2. Easy Compensation Plan- This was huge for me, I never sold anything before, so to have a compensation plan that was easy to understand was awesome. You get 20% commission on everything you sell. You can earn up to 30% commission on your sales by selling more a month and even more by having people sign up under you.

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3. It’s Easy to Sell Everyone loves a great smelling home. Home parties are easy…no preparing a meal to cook, no applying skin care or makeup products on others. You set the Scentsy scent samples out and let them know how the warmers work & you’re ready to take orders.

4. It’s Fun – It’s so fun to hear all the stories of why customers like certain scents, there are so many scents that remind us of events in our lives from childhood to our wedding days. I love to hear all the stories of why one scent is so special to someone.

5. The Company / The Owners – Like I said, I have never sold anything before or worked for a direct selling company but from what I hear, Scentsy outshines these other companies in support from the corporate office. Orville & Heidi Thompson are the owners of Scentsy and are very much involved in day to day processes. They really care about us as consultants and about their employees. It’s great to be a part of their team!

6. Incentive Trips – We have earned numerous incentive trips, such as Hawaii for both my husband & I, Dominican Republic, South Africa (Safari’s), Cancun and more. We’re so excited to be able to travel and not worry about expenses.  Every year, Scentsy offers 2 Incentive trips. They’re not only for the more seasoned consultants, everyone has a chance to earn these trips as they make the goal reachable for all.

7. The Product – ah, how could this not be #1, right? Scentsy Products are amazing. People can’t get enough. I have customers that get a new scent to try every month. There are over 80 scents and 40+ Warmer designs, something for everyone! We love the Scentsy Room Sprays! They last forever! 

8. The Events – Scentsy holds an annual convention in the summer! It’s a 3 day event that is so much fun. You’re able to attend classes that are taught by executives at the home office and by superstar directors that have made their business successful. You get Free Scentsy! They give out so much free product , it’s amazing. I love meeting and connecting with all the other consultants from all over the US & Canada. Scentsy also does World Tour events in specific regions throughout the year. These World Tour’s have about 200-300 consultants register and attend. You get awesome training and lots of inspiration from successful Scentsy Consultants. When you reach the rank of Director, you’re able to go to Director BootCamp. This 2 day event is so important to the new director and you learn so much on how to train your team, keep the communication open and successful tips on your Scentsy business.

9. Ground floor Opportunity – Scentsy is only 5 years new & has 65,000 active consultants all over the US & Canada. Avon reports having 5.8 million active independent sales representatives. Mary Kay has reported having over 2.2 million consultants. Scentsy is just getting started! Now is a great time to start with Scentsy and be some of the first consultants!

10. It’s your own business for $99 – No reporting to your boss, unbelievable tax write offs, marketing and advertising potential, it’s YOUR business, you make the money not someone else!

If you were on the fence about joining Scentsy, We hope I have gave you some valuable information to make your decision and take advantage of this rare opportunity. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m a Star Director with Scentsy and have a group of 170 consultants from all over the US & Canada. We love training new consultants and hearing all the success stories from my team!

Bonus Reason #11  – No Home Party requirements. You don’t have to invite people to a party in order to be successful.  Use your social media accounts (not just facebook), share your scent testers with family and friends AND their family and friends. Have facebook parties (create an event so that your hostess can invite people they know to the online event)  – There are so many ways to sell Scentsy, it’s not just about the old school home party method. You’ve totally got this!  You deserve a better future, make it happen!  


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