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Scentsy Candles are Great in any Home!

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Scentsy Candles

No matter what Scentsy Candle warmer you choose to have displayed in your home, it will go great with your decor. Scentsy has over 40 warmer designs to choose from. If you need a neutral color warmer, we have them, if you perfer splashes of color, we have some great colorful warmers as well! Do you love the traditional Black Candle Warmers… no problem. I’m convinced that you will find that special warmer that will fit in with your decor perfectly. Are you needing to add some great scents to your restroom / bathroom or maybe a small laundry room?  Try the plugin Candle warmers, these will fit in tighter spaces that a large warmer will have trouble fitting in.

We also have mid-size candle warmers that are great for bedrooms or maybe even a kitchen counter. They really do have a perfect fit in every home!

I have a warmer in just about every room of my house. With dogs and small children, I tend to keep door closes and therefore the scent has a harder time of traveling througout my home. My home office has a full size warmer because I love the stronger scent!

Can’t have candles because of accidents or allergy’s or because you forget to blow them out when you leave home? Then Scentsy is really what you need. Because the candle wax is warmed by a light bulb, there is no flame! Wickless, sootless and no floating particles in the air like the oil burners, tart burners or potpourri dishes.

I do warn you, however… Scentsy is addicting. And because the candle bar scents are only $5 or a 3 pack for only $14, they’re very affordable as well.

Looking for a Scentsy deal? Contact me to find out my personal monthly specials – great way to get some free scentsy!

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