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Top 5 Reasons that selling Scentsy is a great idea!

1. Flexible Work Hours – Scentsy is a chance to make extra money, to earn a side income or to make a career out of it. Everyone joins for different reasons, maybe to make a car payment, be able to afford those extra’s that are on our wish list or maybe it’s to put food on our tables.  Whatever the situation and reason why we join, it fills our needs. Scentsy is what you pour into it. Sure, everyone loves the products but you do have to make sure everyone knows that you’re selling Scentsy so they can buy from you!

2. Great Incentive Programs – When I joined Scentsy, I had no idea that I could earn trips, awards and even bonuses.  I signed up to sell Scentsy so that I could get the product when I wanted it and didn’t have to order products and wait.  Since I signed up in September of 2008, I earned a trip to Hawaii for my husband and was so taken back and in awe of the generosity that Scentsy had during this trip, all meals were payed for and we were able to enjoy ourselves without worrying about a budget. I also won the Annual Mentor award two years in a row, which came with a bonus of $500.  I also earned a TV and have made great friends!

3. Convention, Convention, Convention! – I’ve never sold anything before and have never attended anything like this up until two years ago.  I was floored by the excitement and enthusiasm that my Scentsy sisters had during these events. You would have to try really hard not to feel the Scentsy spirit and not come home charged and ready to boost your business. It’s a great feeling to share and meet and learn about all the new Scentsy products that come out each fall season.

4. Products – As a consultant, you are able to subscribe to the Scent of the month kit , or the warmer of the month kit.  The Scent of the month is a great opportunity to get the following month’s new scent early and at a discount when purchasing the kit. You can also get the warmer of the month kit as well.

5. Commission – Loaded on a pre-paid visa debt card…don’t have to wait for a check in the mail and you don’t have to carry inventory and then resale it with a markup. Scentsy consultants purchase their products at cost and are awarded with a commission every month on the 10th. You can pay bills with this card, eat out.. whatever you’d normally use the cash for. Thanks Scentsy for making it easy!

If you’d like more info on Selling Scentsy or joining my team : Sell Scentsy Candles




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