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Looking for More Scentsy Scent – Candle Bars?

Get Scentsy – Candle Bars

Scentsy bars, bricksMaybe you received a candle warmer and some scentsy scents (candle bars) as a gift – Now you ran out and need to get more scentsy candle bars! You’ve come to the right place.  You can get a scentsy scent bar or two here through my website.  You can save more by buying a Scentsy candle bar package which gives you a bar for free if you buy 5.

Please contact me to learn more about personal Scentsy specials that I have. I can’t advertise them to the public, per Scentsy’s corporate rules, but I can include you in my newsletter distribution list and you’ll get to know all the monthly specials.

Every month, Scentsy releases a new scent that comes in candle bars, bricks, room sprays and more. Visit my Scentsy blog to see all the exciting scents of the month. Get a Scent for yourself and Get a Scent for a friend, you can trade wax cubes from the bars and this gives you a way to try other scents without buying the whole bar yourself.  If you’d like a sample of a scent, please contact me and let me know.

There are over 80 Scents to choose from, if you get a scent that you love, I suggest buying a brick instead of a bar. A Scentsy brick is equal to 6 candle bars and will last a long time. You can order a brick of any scent.  The brick is a pound of wax and will last you months.  If you’re unsure of a scent, try getting a bar first and make sure you love it before you buy the scent in a brick size.

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