Yankee Candle-Comparison

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Yankee Candles have been very popular for years. But are they worth the price?

Yankee Candles VS Scentsy Candles

When one thinks about  shopping around to buy candles, the number one wicked candle company comes to mind, right? Yankee Candles.  However, after you read my below comparison, you might change your mind and give Scentsy a try since they are:

  • Better for the environment (no soot or particles in air)
  • Longer lasting
  • cheaper when compared to Yankee Candles

Burning candles year round can be expensive, not to mention the pollution put off by the lit wick that can leave soot residue on your walls and furniture over time. But lets compare Scentsy to Yankee Candles.


Scentsy: 1 Candle Warmer and 12 Scentsy Wax Bars = $80

*Each Candle Bar will last 60-80 hrs for a total of about 840 hours if you say each one lasts just 70 hours*

 Yankee Candle: 7 large Yankee Candle jars at $24.99 each is $179.93

Each large candle lasts 110-150 hours (from their website) for a total of about 840 hours if they each last 120 hours.

 Scentsy Savings!

Scentsy= $0.09 per hour

Yankee= $0.21 per hour

The comparison says it all, Yankee Candle will cost you more than double what you would pay to use Scentsy in your home.

With Scentsy, once you own the Candle WARMER you will only be paying for new bars…which are only $5 per bar (60-80 hrs) or buy 5 get one FREE!

Scentsy has over 80 scents to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that you love. When you buy Scentsy online, check out the multipacks to save even more money!

Contact me if you need scent suggestions!

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