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We’ve been approached by a lot of people over the years asking us numerous questions in regards to starting their own Scentsy business.  We always get excited to hear that someone wants to take that leap to earn extra income and start their own business. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a mom that’s working full time and taking care of the household or someone in college trying to pay bills or have extra spending cash, Scentsy is flexible and since everyone loves the product, it’s not difficult to share your love for the product.

That being said, we also have seen, while training the hundreds of consultants over the years, that there does need to be some effort that needs to go into this business to make it successful.  Let me share some stats with you that I have captured from the few months via a survey I send out when someone joins Scentsy:

Let’s start with the first group of consultants:  I signed up to sell to friends and family: 

When people join to sell to friends and family, what they’re really saying is that they started their Scentsy business to be able to get the 20% discount. Which there is nothing wrong with, there are a lot of consultants who sign up for this benefit.  We are here to help guide them and answer any questions they have along their Scentsy journey.  No pressure.

Next, we’ll discuss the second group of consultants:  I want to do this part time to earn extra cash: 

Then there are people who decide to sign up to sell Scentsy so that they can bring in a little extra money each month, these consultants run their business part time. When we’re talking part time, we’re not talking 10-20 hours per week like an employer would hire you for.  In Scentsy world, these part time consultants are spending about 4-5 hours a week if even that, on their business.  As we’ve witnessed in the past, these consultants are working their business by just posting on facebook once or twice a week to remind people they sell Scentsy, just in case someone is interested.  The problem we’ve found with that is that usually, your ‘friend’ list on facebook is just your friends and family.  So, in reality, you’re not working your business part time, you’re actually ‘just interested in selling to friends and family” as described in the example above. Think about it, if you went to work outside your home for 4-5 hours a week, how much would you bring home as pay? This is not a get rich quick scheme nor will you have people pounding at your door to buy Scentsy (well, on rare occasion, that is.. it actually does happen sometimes).  As with any job or business, it does take some effort and marketing of your business.  You get out of it, what you’re willing to put into it.  We love marketing our business and it’s something we’re good at! We can help and guide you into best practices and approach. While we can’t do it for you, we can help lead the way.

The one requirement for success in our business lives is EFFORT. Either you make the commitment to get results or you don’t.   – Mark Corbin

And .. the last group of consultants – I want to run Scentsy as a full time business

Remember, when we talk about full time vs part time, we’re not comparing it to what an employer would hire you for. Full time in Scentsy land is about 15-25 hours a week.  If you worked part time 20 hours a week, that paid $12 an hour, you’d earn $300.  Keep in mind, you’d actually have to get your behind up and dressed and perhaps take the kids to day care in order to go to this part time job, not be able to do it at home in your pajamas. Selling ONLY the required 200 a month, as an esscential (brand new) consultant, you’d earn $40 commission.  When (and there’s no time limit to complete this) you have sold 1000 in Scentsy products, you’ll start earning 25% commission from that point on.  That $40 turns into $50.  If someone you meet decides to have a catalog party and share the testers with their friends and family and gives you an order that totals $600, your commission as a certified consultant would be $150.  The work that went into that big order was really minimal,  having a little bag that contains catalogs, order forms and testers and handing it over to your catalog party hostess and explaining to her how to fill out the order forms. That’s it. If you were able to do this twice a month – your commission would equal that 20 hour week that you would have had with an employer.  The hardest thing is getting that hostess to have the catalog party, finding people that want to place an order.  THIS is where the effort and time comes in. You’ll need to step outside your comfort zone, talk to more people than you do today, advertise online through social media platforms that encourage you to meet new people or advertise to people you don’t already know. Facebook is great, but again, those are your friends and family only and you can’t depend on just them to make your business successful.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Scentsy

  1. Flexible – Can work from home or part time
  2. Opportunity for extra money – it all depends on you and your effort
  3. It’s Super Fun – if you love the products, you’ll love selling them too
  4. Scentsy Corporate – The company and it’s owners, real live people that care about your success
  5. The Events! Scentsy convention or what we now call Scentsy family reunion is held annually and omigosh, it’s the best time ever!
  6. Chances to earn incentive trips – not only for top earners, Scentsy makes sure that even new consultants have a chance!
  7. Training – the company offers amazing training webinars and gives us the tools for our business to succeed
  8. First to know – Scentsy will announce many promotional, limited time offers throughout the year, you’ll know before anyone
  9. Develop your own team – Have people join your team, have get together s to discuss your business and make even more money
  10. Sisterhood.  Not sure how to describe this one. When you become a consultant, you’re one of the family. The Scentsy family.

So, are you on the fence about signing up to start your own Scentsy business?  Are you looking for answers to your questions?

Please contact us via our live chat, we’re here to help any way we can!

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