Red Cedar & Sage Scentsy Bar

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Red Cedar & Sage Scentsy Bar – Run free through RED CEDAR, SAGE and fresh FOREST GREENS

This Scent is also available in:
Room Sprays, Car Bars, Scent Circles

Instructions: 1 Bar contains 8 cubes. Use 2-3 Cubes at a time. When scent dissipates (typically 8-10 days when left on 24/7) remove wax and put 2-3 new cubes.

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New for Fall – Red Cedar & Sage Scent by Scentsy, Enigmatic and refined, the combination of red cedar, sage, and forest greens come together to create a scent that is as unique as you are. Fill your home with this heady scent to beguile your senses.FEATURES AND BENEFITS:
• Available in more than 80 fragrances.
• Fragrances can be combined to create
your own blend.
• Fragrance intensity can be increased
by adding more wax cubes.
• Designed by award-winning perfumers
and fragrance designers.
• A great value when compared to jarred
candles of similar quality.
• Multiple fragrance categories offer
something for everyone.
• Plenty of variety to suit every mood,
space and taste.

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