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Chasing Fireflies

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One of the Best Candle Warmer Designs we’ve seen! It’s awesome, mimics a glass canning jar!

Chasing FMason Jar Scentsyireflies – Mason Jar Warmer


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“Shine your light and illuminate your life,
your heart, and your dreams. Recapture
a childlike sense of wonder and adventure
– and always remember to stop and chase
the fireflies.” — Heidi Thompson

Inspired by Scentsy President Heidi Thompson, Chasing Fireflies
captures the essence of carefree, playful summer evenings.
This pale-blue hand-painted warmer mimics a glass canning jar,
complete with a silver ring. It is embossed with whimsical, dancing
fireflies. When lit, the porcelain jar glows with a lovely warm light.

Who’s going to hurry and jump online on September 1st and click the buy now button to ensure you get one of these Mason Jar Warmers by Scentsy? I know I am – 9 of you have Pre-Ordered this Scentsy warmer. whoot whoot!

The Mason Jar is all the craze right now. We’re drinking out of them, using them as vases, doing lots of crafts and using them as home decor .

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    This is a true reminder of my favorite uncle…my summers catching fireflies with him. When I see them now, I talk to my uncle.

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    I would like 2 please.

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    I would like 2 of the chasing fireflies scentsy our hick town we call em light in bugs 🙂

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    I will like one of the “chasing fireflys ” warmers:)

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    I would like 1 of the firefly Scentsy warmers.

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    Please notify me!!! I want one!

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    Would like to be notified when they are sold again please. Thanks!

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    Need 3 please

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    Can u give me a price on the “Chasing Fireflies” warmer ? Thanks so much.

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    I am so excited for the mason jar warmer!!! I can’t wait!

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