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Do you know a Scentsy Consultant? Email me and I’ll help you Find a Consultant now! I’ll respond to you within 24 hours with a name and number of a consultant on my team that’s close to you.

If you’d like to join scentsy, you do not need to sign up under someone in your area. You can join my team and I will help you as I’ve helped hundreds start their own business. I’m available through my live chat, cell phone, email and texting. I help you understand how it all works and I’m there to help you. Our group also uses Facebook to share ideas and give suggestions to each other. Contact me for more info.

No Requirements, No minimums !!!!!!!!!!!!  Scentsy is flexible and fun!

I have a group of over 400 Scentsy Consultants all across the US, Canada & Ireland. We’re always looking for new team members to add to our Scentsy Team.  I’m available through live chat and email and you can call me with any questions you have.

Join our Group, join Scentsy Family to sell our multiple brands and have a fun, new, flexible job!  You’ll fall in love with the products and will want to share them with everyone.


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