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Scentsy bulbs
Light Bulbs

Where can I find bulbs for my Scentsy Candle Warmer?

That’s what I see most searched for in google – light bulbs. Because the bulbs that contain the wattage that scentsy uses is difficult to find, everyone seems to try to search and find them in stores. Good News, you can buy them online and they’re only $1.

Don’t buy them on ebay – it’s a scam – they’re telling you that they have free shipping on their scentsy light bulbs, but you end up paying $8 for the light bulb.  So, really they’re charging you $3 for the bulb and $5 is the shipping charge. It’s a better deal to buy them on my site because they’re only a dollar, yes.. the shipping is a flat rate of $5 still, but it’s still three dollars cheaper than buying from ebay.  That goes for buying scent bars on ebay as well, but that’s a different post. My suggestion to you, is to buy a few light bulbs at a time – if you buy 5 light bulbs, the total would be $10 with shipping (excluding tax). That’s still a better deal than buying one from ebay for $8, right?  I saw some of these posts on ebay yesterday and was shocked that people were actually falling for it, just because they said free shipping.  They are totally ripping you off on ebay selling scentsy products all together. Don’t fall for it. There’s a reason they are selling on ebay and not on their scentsy site or in person. That being said, I have listed the correct wattage to buy for each candle warmer type.

Nightlight Candle Warmers – 15 Watt

Mid-size Warmers – 20 Watt

Full-size (Deluxe / Large) Warmers – 25 Watt

Please let me know if you have any questions about your light bulbs.

If you have questions or you’re concerned about the ban on bulbs in the U.S , you can visit the site here that explains it all. There’s ONLY going to be a ban on 40, 65 , 75 & 100 watts. Not our light bulbs, so no worries.


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