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coffee happy cupYou know, that feeling when you get that first sip of coffee, however you like to drink it. It just hits the spot, right?  First thing in the morning, it’s all I can think about as I’m getting ready for work.

I don’t know about you, but I’m more of an iced coffee kinda girl and prefer white chocolate over mocha.  I do request four espresso shots be added to my grande size coffee, not only because I need it at six in the morning, but because I truly like the taste of strong coffee.  Those Kureg type machines don’t cut it for me and taste very watered down.

I mean aside from waking up healthy and knowing my family is healthy, this cup of coffee is really the next thing on my mind as I commute 90 minutes to work.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like Superwoman after finishing this cup of joe, right?   It’s like I’m ready to take on the world.  I don’t drink coffee later in the day, it really is a ‘first thing in the morning’ type of thing for me.

Which brings me to my next question – Do you like the smell of coffee?  Enough to have it as a scent in your home at another time of day? Say, afternoon, for example? We, at Scentsy, have these amazing coffee scented wax cubes that when placed in your candle warmer smell amazing. It’s part of our corner cafe collection.



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