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Scentsy Scents –  Bars

What’s your favorite Scentsy scent? Do you love fruity scents or scents more like clean linen? People of all ages have their favorite candle scents to have in their home.  There’s so many scents to choose from when it comes to Scentsy products.

scentsy scents

95 current fragrances

• Safer than traditional candles: no flame, no soot, no parabens

• Customers can combine multiple fragrances to create their own blend

• A great value when compared to jarred candles of similar quality

• Combine & Save options (3-pack or 6-pack combinations)

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Crafted exclusively by Scentsy in the U.S. • Modify the intensity by adding more cubes • Designed by award-winning perfumers and fragrance designers • Long-lasting, customizable fragrance • Multiple fragrance categories, including kids’ fragrances


Our Scentsy Spring/Summer scents are the best yet.

Below, share with us your favorite scent!

Scentsy scents available:

NEW Scentsy Scents!

Amazon Rain
Blackberry Meringue
Brazilian Grapes
Cactus Flower Lime
Citrus Pop
Cotton Candy Cookie
Give Me Passion flower
Go Wild (Flowers)
Mountain Sky
Raspberry Bush
Southern Evening
Stay Awhile
Summer Holiday
Sweet Cucumber
You’re My Buttercup

CLASSIC Scentsy Scents:
Aussie Plum
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Blueberry Cheesecake
By The Sea
Camu Camu
Cinnamon Vanilla
Clean Breeze
Coconut Cotton
Coconut Lemongrass
French Lavender
Just Breathe
Perfectly Pomegranate
Simply Vanilla
Skinny Dippin’
Sunkissed Citrus
Sweet Pea & Vanilla
Welcome Home
White Tea & Cactus
Apple S’mores
Bamboo Yuzu
Blueberry Rush
Bora Bora Blossom
Fresh Cut Daisies
Havana Cabana
Jumpin’ Jelly Bean
Kahiko Hula
Lemon Verbena
Lilacs & Violets
Lucky In Love
Lush Gardenia
My Only Sunshine
Paradise Punch
Pineapple Sorbet
Sea Salt Mist
Sea, Sun & Fun
Sugared Cherry
Sunburst Blooms
Watermelon Mint
CORNER CAFE Scentsy Scents
Baked Apple Pie
Coconut Pumpkin Pie
Sugar Cookie
Vanilla Bean Buttercream
ROMANCE Scentsy Scents
Blond Wood & Moonflower
Coconut Flower
Honeymoon Hideaway
Love You Berry Much
Mystic Magnolia
Pink Haze
Satin Sheets
Sedona Sunset
SCENTSY MAN Scentsy Scents
Bonfire Beach
Dark Harbor
My Dear Watson
Mystery Man
SCENTSY KIDS Scentsy Scents
Berry Bubble Blue
Candy Dandy
Jammy Time
Jungle Jam
Oodles Of Orange
Rockin’ Ruby Razz
Wild What-AMelon

You can also find a fragrance by using our tool – Scentsy Fragrances

Scentsy Wickless Candles are safer and more affordable than jar candles that use a wick and a flame. We have lots of different warmer designs and over 80 scents to choose from. Thanks for visiting our site, come back again soon!


  • Jenessa Metcalf

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    My favorite scents are pumpkin roll, titanium and vanilla suede!

  • Bonnie

    Please wait...

    My daughter in law, gave me the rooster for Christmas, I loved it.
    I ordered the Boho Chic , for my living room.
    Can always use more.
    The scents that I have tried and love are By the Sea, Peppermint Oil,
    and Vanilla Suede.

  • Kristi Henry

    Please wait...

    I live in the mountains! So, I love the fresh clean scents of the outdoors. In the winter my fav is snowy spruce, summer is thunderstorm. In between I love enchanted mist, and simply irrisistable. 😉

  • Megan

    Please wait...

    My three favorite scents would have to be cinnamon bear, vanilla buttercream, and by the sea, but so many of them are amazing!

  • Mandy

    Please wait...

    I love scentsy! Zen garden is my all time favorite!

  • Debbie H

    Please wait...

    Love that there is a scent for any mood. My latest favorites are:
    1) Camu Camu
    2) Thunderstorm
    3) Mochadoodle

  • Melissa Ludford

    Please wait...

    I’ve been ordering & using Scentsy products for about 2 yrs now. I absolutely love them…. My top 3 fav scents would have to be
    1. Love Story
    2. Thunderstorm
    3. Just Breathe

  • Kathy Stewart

    Please wait...

    I love Scentsy a lot

  • Jaswinder Kaur

    Please wait...

    I love scentsy and my favorite one is Business Casual.

  • Mary Lynn Hayes

    Please wait...

    I have scentsy all over my house. I love vanilla suede, thunderstorm, clean breeze. and lots more!

  • Apryl Andrews

    Please wait...

    perfect oatmeal

  • Courtney Kooser

    Please wait...

    I love Vanilla Suede and so does my husband because it’s not too sweet or floral smelling. For spring and summer I love Happy Go Lucky and Lucky In Love!

  • brittney

    Please wait...

    I have a lot of scentsy but its never enough

  • Grant

    Please wait...

    Just received my zen rock warmer today and I love it!

  • Linda Bishop

    Please wait...

    I love great fragrances, my home is call the house that smell great! I love to try scentsy cubes scents. The different aromas with all those varieties of fragrances I would love to be the one that is chosen to win that give away. Better yet,I believe I would be your best sales associate ever if I could have the opportunity to join as a sales person.

  • Jean F

    Please wait...

    Awakening; thunderstorm; lucky in love

  • Felicia Towler

    Please wait...

    This is a great product! I hope I win.

  • kathy taylor

    Please wait...

    Love to try the Love you berry much.

  • Karen Williams

    Please wait...

    Vanilla bean buttercream
    Rum Raisin Cookie
    Everything Nice

  • Yuisa Gonzalez

    Please wait...

    Love Scentsy!! Been addicted for 6 years now, no better way to make your house smell wonderful all year long!!

  • Brooke Johnstone

    Please wait...

    Not sure if this is the place I put in my 3 favorite scents for the giveaway……couldn’t find another area!

    My ALL TIME favorite is LUNA!
    2. PIXIE
    3. POPPYS and CLOVER

  • Laila Ruffin-El

    Please wait...

    1. By the Sea
    2. Cinnamon Bun
    3. Aussie Plum

  • Mariana

    Please wait...

    My favorite scents are Camu Camu, By the Sea and Aussie Plum!

  • Kimberly Y

    Please wait...

    Thank you for offering this Scentsy giveaway. We love all of the scents available!

  • Renee Keutzer

    Please wait...

    I love Scentsy and how it makes my home feel all cozy!
    My favorite scents are Thunderstorm, French Lavender and Cozy Fireside.
    Amber Fluted Shade is gorgeous and would go with the décor in my home very well!

  • Martha Fuller

    Please wait...

    Would love to win. Love your products.

  • Andrea Sekelsky

    Please wait...

    Baked apple pie
    Sticky cinnamon bun
    Blueberry cheesecake

  • Destiny Thap

    Please wait...

    My 3 favorite Scentsy scents would have to be: Aussie Plum, Awakening, and Vanilla Suede.

  • Janice

    Please wait...

    I love by the sea, clean breeze and perfectly pomegranate!

  • Isabel Mahoney

    Please wait...

    I want to win the scentswarmers.

  • Marci

    Please wait...

    Lavender Tonka, Peppermint oil, and Vanilla cinnamon oil

  • Beth Lutz

    Please wait...

    I have never tried out Scentsy but I really would love too. I love strong acents that last when it comes to candles and melt. It is hard to find scents that dont just fade after lighting or putting in a warmer. I just bought a candle making kit to fix my problem. Anyway some of the scents I would like to try would be. Apple Smores, Juniper Berry, Beach, Clean Cotton, Breathe, Sweet Pea. Thank you and good luck everyone.

  • Valarie Hopps

    Please wait...

    I want to win!

  • Laura Bradley

    Please wait...

    I love bluberry cheesecake!

  • Catherine A. Jones

    Please wait...

    I love the Scentsy wax melts. Most of the fragrances are much stronger than the Yankee Candle melts, and you get more for your buck! My favorites are food scents and during the winter season anything that smells balsam and cedar; pine. Thanks for bringing some back from the past. I just recently started ordering your wax melts, so enjoy the “oldies” that I haven’t tried.

  • Edye

    Please wait...

    I love baked apple pie, mochadoodle and central park pralines 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!


  • Tina Schill

    Please wait...

    I love Scentsy! One of my favorite warmers is the Skull warmer from a couple of years ago!

  • Amanda

    Please wait...

    I am in looooooove with scentsy!!!!!

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