New Scentsy Scents for Fall Winter 2022

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We’re so excited to announce an awesome collection of NEW Fall / Winter Scentsy Scents for 2022

Wax Scentsy Bars

  • Black Currant & Plum Scentsy Bar
  • Blackberry Spice Scentsy Bar
  • Cranapple Crumble Scentsy Bar
  • Fall-ing Apples Scentsy Bar
  • Frosted Vanilla Scentsy Bar
  • Huckleberry Hideaway Scentsy Bar
  • Pear-fect Day Scentsy Bar
  • Sips of Cider Scentsy Bar
  • Velvet Moon Scentsy Bar
  • White Amber & Silk Scentsy Bar

Laundry New Season Sales Kit: $35 (35 PRV)

  • Fluffy Fleece Laundry Liquid
  • Fluffy Fleece Washer Whiffs
  • Fluffy Fleece Dryer Disks

Clean New Season Sales Kit: $28 (28 PRV)

  • Vanillamint Bathroom Cleaner
  • Vanillamint Counter Clean
  • Vanillamint Dish Soap

Body New Season Sales Kit: $39 (39 PRV)

  • Vanilla Waves Body Wash
  • Vanilla Waves Hand Cream
  • Vanilla Waves Hand Soap
  • Vanilla Waves Scentsy Soak

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