Prepare for Holiday Spending

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You know, the holiday season creeps up quickly. It’s Halloween and then Bam, it’s Christmas as we blink by Thanksgiving and gain 5 pounds. The funny thing is, it comes every year, at the same time and every year, we’re caught by surprise budget wise. It’s now November and we’re wondering where Christmas money is going to come from and how to get the best gifts at the best discount.

At Scentsy, we can help, And we have some suggestions as well.

scentsy gift wrapped presents holiday1 – It’s all about the packaging!

It might not be the most expensive, luxury item that you wish you could have given Aunt Mary, however, it’s the thought and effort that you put into the wrapping of the present you COULD afford. That sweater would look super cute in a box wrapped with nice wrapping paper, a twig from your Christmas tree and a pine cone on top.

Or maybe a Scentsy mini warmer tucked into a gift back with some festive tissue paper and a holiday gift tag.

Just know that sometimes it really is all about the presentation of the gift.


scentsy budget for gifts
2. Create a Gift Budget

How much can you afford for each person on your list. If you have 10 people to buy for, what can you spend on a gift for each person?  Look for package deals where you can find 3 of a like item with a discount. For example, Scentsy has package deals that allow you to build your own warmer & scent package – buy 2 mini warmers & 6 bars and save $10 buying them in this package as opposed to individually. You’d be able to knock out two gifts for $33 each. You’ll need to be creative to keep the cost down, but know that there are ways. We offer specials to our customers, contact us to learn about our current special.


DIY scentsy gifts article3. DYI – There’s nothing wrong with it!

And then there’s times where you look at Pinterest and get some awesome ideas going that will be personalized for your recipient. I love to get creative just as much as the next person, however, it’s not my strong suit, I do still try and while I might try to make someone something that in my head is adorable, it doesn’t always come out the way I hoped, that’s when you bake some cookies, buy a cookie tin and the dollar store and put the two homemade items together in a really cute bag!

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