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Yes, we are known for our warmers and wax – that’s for sure.

But did you know that we also have body products – Hand cream, body lotion, body wash and more.. Scentsy has this short video to showcase some of it’s most popular body products.

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Available in the following Scentsy fragrances:

    • Scentsy Body Products LUNA Scentsy Body Products

      White florals – JASMINE, SWEET PEA and freesia – juicy BERRIES and SANDALWOOD shimmer like moonlight.

    • Scentsy Body Products LUCKY IN LOVE Scentsy Body Products

      Sweet bouquet of MANDARIN, BERGAMOT and ORANGE with hints of PEACHES and BERRIES.

    • Scentsy Body Products VANILLA BEAN
       Scentsy Body Products

      Decadent BUTTERCREAM frosting made with the freshest butter whipped with cane sugar and VANILLA extract.

    • Scentsy Body Products SEA SALT
      & AVOCADO
       Scentsy Body Products

      You do you, while PINK SEA SALT, Valencia ORANGE and creamy AVOCADO keep your spirit in flight.

    • Scentsy Body Products PINEAPPLE Scentsy Body ProductsCOCONUT VANILLA

      Ride the wind alongside COCONUT, PINEAPPLE blush and BLUE FIG. inspired by the Skin fragrance, No. 9.

    • Scentsy Body Products PERSIAN LIME
       Scentsy Body Products

      Find fresh possibilities in tangy LIME, BERGAMOT and SANDALWOOD. Inspired by the Groom fragrance, No. 48.

    • Scentsy Body Products MANDARIN
       Scentsy Body Products

      Sweet MANDARIN and fresh GRAPEFRUIT layered over WARM AMBER. Inspired by the Skin fragrance No. 36.

    • Scentsy Body Products SKINNY
       Scentsy Body Products

      Fresh GREEN APPLES perfectly harmonized with refreshing MELONS and juicy PEARS.

    • Scentsy Body Products PEACH Scentsy Body Products& WHITE AMBER

      Turn heads and hearts with provocative PEACH, SUGAR BLOSSOM and WHITE AMBER. Inspired by the Skin fragrance, No. 82.

    • Scentsy Body Products SUNKISSED
       Scentsy Body Products

      Lively blend of ORANGES, LEMONS, LIMES and GRAPEFRUIT.

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