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What is a Scentsy Facebook Party?

A Scentsy Facebook Party can be 30 minutes long or a week long. It’s up to the hostess and the consultant and how they plan the party.  The consultant will create a Facebook Event and invite the hostess to the party.  The hostess will then ask which friends would like to attend the party and invite them by sharing the Facebook event link.  When the party begins, the consultant will share photos of products, introduce the warmer and scent of the month, share some interesting facts, play a few games share photos of products, introduce the warmer and scent of the month, share some interesting facts, let you know the specials, play a few games and let you know how to order through the party, so that the hostess can get rewards based on party total.

We’re here to make it easy (and fun) for everyone.  Party in your pajamas. Be comfy, grab a drink, maybe some popcorn and login to Facebook (you know you have it open all day anyways).  We’ll share some popular products with you, so that you and your guests are aware of each of our product lines (we’re not just wax and warmers anymore).

We’re super excited about this new service and we hope that it brings more awareness to the Online Party and it’s advantages.  If you’d like to have a facebook party and invite your friends and family, we’d be more than happy to party with you.  Use the form below to select which dates work best for you.



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