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scentsy himalayan salt

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Scentsy Himalyan Salt Warmer – A genuine, hand-carved piece of rock salt from the Himalayas, our new Himalayan Salt Warmer creates a sense of serenity in any space.
Available in pink or white, no two warmers are alike, and the appearance of the salt actually changes over time as you warm your
favorite fragrance.
25W, 6.5″

Each Himalayan Salt Warmer is unique in shape, is approximately 6.5 inches tall
and weighs between 7 and 8 pounds (they are heavy!).
These warmers all have the same internal circumference to ensure
optimal temperature range and melting time for wax.
What is the difference between the pink and white Himalayan Salt Warmers?
Pink Himalayan salt contains more iron than its white counterpart.
The pink Himalayan salt is extracted from deeper within the mine, and the white comes from the outer parts of the mine.
Our Himalayan Salt Warmers are available in pink and white so your customers can choose whichever color will be more complimentary and beautiful in their space.

Warmer of the Month – the appearance will change over time

The heat from the light bulb will warm the Himalayan salt, smoothing the exterior surface over time.
This is a natural reaction with salt and heat, and nothing to be concerned about. It will not affect the performance of the warmer.
The environment of your home (humidity, temperature, etc.) may speed up or delay this process.
Is Himalayan salt toxic to animals?
Large levels of sodium, if ingested, have been proven toxic to animals. If you have a concern with Himalayan salt around your animals, please keep this warmer out of reach of your pets or do not purchase this product.

Did You Know?

Himalayan salt is often used to make “salt lamps”, light bulbs are placed within hollowed blocks of Himalayan salt and radiate a pinkish hue. However,  There is no evidence that these lamps provide health benefits.

Himalayan salt lamps are used in spas and homes as decoration.

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