Do You Have to Have a Scentsy Home Party?

requires home party with scentsy

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how to sell scentsy candlesIs a Home Party Required? The Short Answer is NO. You do not have to have home parties to be successful.

The long answer is – When people are on the fence in regards to starting their own Scentsy Business, it’s usually due to the question of time and where to find more of it. Will I have enough time to do this? What if I can’t?

The perk to direct sales is that you can do it on your time, when it’s convenient for you and your family. Keep in mind, you WILL have to work your business at some point and will NOT be able to just sit back and wait for people to come knocking on your door.

The difference with Scentsy is that you can sell the products in many different ways and having a home party is NOT necessary.

Below are the top 5 other ways to sell Scentsy

  1. Facebook Parties in a group setting – Easy 30 minute parties are less intrusive and are ideal for people that can’t leave the house on the day of the party.
  2. Book Parties or Basket Parties – This is where you’d share a few catalogs and scent testers with a friend or family member and let them share it with their group of friends or co-workers. They will gather a list of orders and turn them in to you to place the order.
  3. Sell at events – there are lots of community events that take place throughout the year. Contact different event coordinators in your city to see if you can have a product information booth.
  4. Social Media – Not just facebook, but market your business by using a business account on twitter, pinterest, instagram and facebook. It’s free. You’ll just need time and maybe a social media scheduler to help you do it all at once.
  5. Email Marketing – Once you have a list of your 100 people you know, you can use the Free version of Mailchimp to send out personal specials, promotions to advertise your products.

Of course, you can still do home parties if someone requests to have one and often they perform better than the other ways to sell because of the excitement and fun that happens when a group of people come together and smell the over 80 Scents. It’s totally up to you how you run your Scentsy business.

If you have any questions about starting your own business, please contact us. We’re here to help answer your questions and get you started and on your way to earning more money in 2019.

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