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Scentsy in the Netherlands

Scentsy is coming to the Netherlands this Fall – 2019 

Just announced – Scentsy is coming to the Netherlands! 

Join Scentsy this fall if you’re in any of the provinces listed below. So exciting, ground floor opportunity. 

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We couldn’t be more excited to welcome a new country to the Scentsy family, and for the momentum it will bring to Scentsy worldwide. 

  Province Capital Largest city


  Drenthe Assen Assen
  Flevoland Lelystad Almere
  Friesland Leeuwarden Leeuwarden
  Gelderland Arnhem Nijmegen
  Groningen Groningen Groningen
  Limburg Maastricht Maastricht
  North Brabant ‘s-Hertogenbosch Eindhoven
  North Holland Haarlem Amsterdam
  Overijssel Zwolle Enschede
  Utrecht Utrecht Utrecht
  Zeeland Middelburg Terneuzen
  South Holland The Hague Rotterdam
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