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Scentsy Jack Skellington – Nightmare Before Christmas

Coming in September 2019 – Our New Scentsy Jack Skellington

In less than two weeks, This Pumpkin King – Jack candle warmer for halloween will go quick!  Some will want to leave it up all year around because it’s a collection piece for lovers of the movie, Nightmare before Christmas.

Jack Skellington – Pumpkin King will be $65 

jack skellington

Did you know?

400 Heads Were Used for Jack During Filming

Part of what makes The Nightmare Before Christmas such a compelling movie is the fact that it was such an amazing piece of stop-motion animation. To help bring Jack Skellington to life, for instance, the creators used more than 400 different heads for all his many expressions.

Jack is the “Pumpkin King” of Halloween Town, a fantasy world based solely on the Halloween holiday. … At the beginning of the film, Jack makes his grand entrance by emerging out of a fire-breathing dragon-themed fountain. His last name is based on the word “skeleton“.

Warmer has been sold out.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack’s Obsession Scentsy Bar is still available for a limited time

jacks obsession wax bar

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