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gifts for office staffThere are times throughout the year that you might be in need of office staff gifts and we at Scentsy would like to help.  A gift of a candle warmer and a scentsy scent bar would be perfect, and very cost effective.  We can work with you on a plan that fits your budget. These gifts could be for co-workers or for your team as a leader. Giving small tokens of appreciation through the holiday season is always an uplifting experience for both the giver and the recipient of the gift. This thoughtful act will be remembered throughout the year as they use their Scentsy warmer and scents and is more personal than a gift card.

Candle warmers are electric and they heat the wax by way of a low watt bulb or a heat plate.  We have lots of different designs to choose from. From the very simple, sleek, modern look to the unique, one of a kind retro warmers.  Our Candle warmers are safer than traditional candles, because there is no flame or fire danger.  Simply flip the switch to turn them on and your highly scented wax will be melted in just a couple of minutes. Perfect for offices or homes with children or pets.  The temperature of the wax is just above body temperature, so it doesn’t burn.  There’s no soot or burnt wick smell either.

With over 80 highly scented fragrances to pick through, you’ll for sure find a few that you love. Whether it be the clean, fresh scents with lemony citrus aroma or the spicy cinnamon’s that we all gravitate to in the fall / Winter season, we have them all.

We know that you’ll find that Scentsy really is a great gift idea for your office staff or clients. We have numerous realtor customers that purchase Scentsy as a gift for their new home owners as well.  Let us know what you’re looking for, how many you’ll need and what your budget is and we’ll find a way to help! We have a lot of choices and different products to add to your order, including hand creams, perfume roller balls and car candles.

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