Scentsy stargaze


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This warmer has lots of names given by customers that aren’t sure what it’s given name was.  So, I’ll call them out here in hopes that it will make it easier to find!

scentsy star warmer

The Most important information, however, is that it is back. That’s right – The famous Scentsy Stargaze warmer is back at midnight – May 22nd. If you’ve been waiting for the stargaze warmer since January when it was last available, your wait is over. Have you been on a waiting list?  Wait no more.  It’s here and ready to light up wherever you choose to place it in your home. I have my stargaze warmer on my desk so that I can see it when I’m working.  I hope you enjoy this warmer as much as I have! 

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Stargaze is back at midnight on May 22nd – If you’ve been waiting for this warmer, wait no more. The Stargaze warmers come alive with a brilliant burst of light and color, featuring unique starbursts of sparkle, regardless of variations in color. When switched on, each Warmer offers its own unique combination of bursts that simply must be experienced! No Two are alike. Get yours now, don’t wait!

Real Name:  Scentsy Stargaze Warmer

Scentsy Starburst Warmer

Scentsy Fireworks Warmer 

Scentsy Burst Warmer 


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