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6 Pack Bars

Did you know that if you buy a 6 pack of Scentsy bars for your candle warmer, you are paying $25 – which is like getting one for free!  Normally, Scentsy bars are only $5 each. However, when you purchase a 6 pack package, you get 6 bars instead of 5 bars for $25. You’ll see people saying Buy 5 bars, get 1 free.  This is the same deal!

Build your 6 pack of bars

Be careful that you’re not adding each bar individually. To get the deal, you must use the combo pack and choose the 6 bars you’d like.  I have so many customers that just add the individual bars and there’s no way to fix it after the order has been submitted.

Scentsy bars are made of 8 cubes of highly scented wax.  To use your candle warmer, you’d break off a couple of the wax cubes and put them in the dish of your candle warmer, flip the switch to on and sit back and relax. Within about 10 min, you’ll start smelling the refreshing, strong scent you chose.

Scentsy is popular all over the world right now and we know you love our scents, please comment below and let us know which scent is your fave!

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  • Amy Schwan

    I am a huge fan of the scentsy scents. My favorite is Christmas Cottage! Also a huge fan of Cider Mill. And Apple Smores! I have tried many many different scents. I’m looking for a some what powerful in strength scent that isnt a foody scent.But more neutral for any room in the house. Nice and fresh. Any recommendation?
    Thank you- Amy

  • Jolene Molter

    My mom and I used to get the “White Linen” scented bars, the huge extra lg. bars! Those are my favorate. My mother has since past away and I miss her terribly. I thought about when we used to often buy from our consultant, sometimes new scents but always White Linen as well!
    I want to get some again, the smell will take me back a few years, and it would be like being with mom again.
    I didn’t see this scent in your catalog, has it been discontinued? Please don’t let it be true!!

    Thank you for beautiful smells and beautiful memories that tie into your product.

    -Jolene M.

    • Trista De Leon

      Hi Jolene, we didn’t have a scent called ‘white linen’ but we have ‘clean breeze’ and I’m assuming that’s the one you’re referring to. What a great scent memory to have. have a great weekend!

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