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When checking Google for Scentsy Search Terms – I found that most people are using google and searching “where can I buy Scentsy”. Of course, there are alot of other types of searches that are being done on google related to our products as well. I could write up a whole other post on that. But right now,  I want to make sure that everyone knows that they can order their products online. I understand that a lot of people and customers don’t have time to attend home parties. It’s so much easier to order online and save some time.

I’d love to help you purchase your Scentsy products.  You can buy Scentsy online, or email me your order to get special deals.  You can also call me if you need to ask questions.  You can call me at 1-800-373-5950 between the hours of 10am – 7pm (MST).  Below are some of the products available to buy online through our website.

Keep in mind, when you buy online, your order gets shipped directly to your door via UPS, you don’t have to wait for a consultant to deliever to you. Scentsy only charges $5 delivery charge for items under $50.  If you’d like to get FREE shipping, please contact me to find out how!

Click here to view all of our Candle Warmers! 

Just a few of the new Scentsy candle warmers for fall are listed below!

 NEW Scentsy Warmers



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