What are candle warmers

Everyone is talking about Candle Warmers – How they’re safer and better.. let us help you understand what they are.

scentsy system warmerWhat are Candle Warmers?

Everyone is purchasing candle warmers as a safe alternative to the traditional wick candle. You know the one’s that leave black soot on your walls and are a fire hazard? Sure, there are those candle warmers that are like a plate that you Nightlight and turn on. But are they cute.. no.. they sure aren’t.  And they don’t warm your jar candle enough to release enough scent in the first place. There are also the warmers that hold oil or potpourri – I’m sure everyone can contest to these not working well at all and they’re also very messy.

So.. what are the candle warmers that DO work?  Scentsy Candle Warmers!  They plugin to the wall by using a lamp like cord and you switch them on.  The candle warmer dish on the top is what holds the scented wax. What’s inside the warmer?  A low wattage light bulb…a little 25watt bulb heats the wax just above body temperature and releases the Scentsy Scent throughout your home. That’s it – That’s what a candle warmer is!

Candle Warmer Sizes

Scentsy has three different size Candle Warmers to choose from.. for different areas of your home.

  • Our full size warmer is great for living rooms or large bedrooms. There are 74 full size warmer styles to choose from! One  or two to match every home decor!
  • Then we have our Nightlights.  These plug directly into the wall and are fantastic for restrooms, kitchens or even offices or dorm rooms. There are 23 plug-in styles to choose from.

There are over 80 Scents to use in your candle warmers – Take some time and browse through our scent collection!



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