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We watched this movie over the weekend and my 14 yr old daughter loved it, along with us. It was a cute movie that everyone is talking about! If you haven’t watched it on Disney+ yet, I highly recommend it for that age group!

Here’s a quick description – Disney’s Turning Red tells the story of 13-year-old girl Mei, a spunky adolescent who transforms into this giant, red panda when she gets overly excited. What a cute story – we can’t wait for you to get your hand on your very own Red Panda Scentsy Buddy! 

The movie was released globally on March 11th, just in time for you to fall in love with the story and our NEW Disney and Pixar Red Panda Mei  Scentsy Buddy, which will be available on March 14th between 9:30-10am. 

Each Disney Red Panda Mei Scentsy Buddy includes a FREE Scent Pak in our exclusive new Disney and Pixar Turning Red fragrance that smells like a blast of bright pomegranate, juicy cherry, sugar cane and vibrant orange. But that’s not all, we’re also excited that this fragrance will also be available in wax as a  Scentsy Bar.

Below are the products that will be available for purchase beginning March 14:

  • Disney Red Panda Mei Scentsy Buddy + Turning Red Scent Pak
  • Disney Turning Red Scent Pak
  • Disney Turning Red  Scentsy Bar

Need a Reminder? We’ll Email you as soon as it’s available! 

scentsy turning red disney collection

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