Electric Candle Warmers

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Scentsy Candle Warmers

Electric Candle Warmer

There are so many different ways to describe our Scentsy candle warmers.  They are all electric and they all plugin to the wall, either by way of a lamp like cord or directly into the wall like a nightlight. People will call them Scentsy Pots, plug-in candles, ceramic pots, potpourri pots… and the list goes on.  Let’s talk about the worst one that I hear, Scentsy Burners.  The reason why I dislike this term when it comes to the description of our products is because it’s not a burner. There’s absolutely nothing that is being burned.  We pride ourselves with being a wickless candle product.  This means that there’s no flame, therefore no burning of the wax.  Scentsy warmers use a low wattage light bulb to warm the highly scented wax bars.  The wax is heated just above body temperature, therefore  it won’t burn upon touch. If you have some children, or even pets that like to get into things and experiment, you won’t have to worry that they’re going to burn themselves. The Scentsy wax is just a paraffin, food based wax. No toxins are released into the air.. only the scent is released from the candle warmer.

In reality, a “Scentsy pot”, as some call them, is an okay term to use, however it’s almost still applying that there’s going to be a flame of some sort to heat the candle.  It is in fact an electric candle warmer, which makes people wonder how that would work and usually they assume that it’s not a scented candle, but there for decoration purposes only.  This is where Scentsy is different.  We have over 80 scents that are compatible for use with our candle warmers.  I say compatible because I have heard that not every candle, even if they’re wax bars made for other warmers, is made with the right amount of fragrance oils to smell the same or melt the same in our candle warmers.

When I first tried the Scentsy Candle Warmers, I couldn’t believe that the wax didn’t evaporate, I was thinking that when it warmed, it evaporated as well. That’s not the case and that’s why they’re safe candles and better alternatives to the jarred candles with a wick that burn.  When you light a traditional candle, you’re also creating soot and particles are released into the air. With Scentsy candle bars, because they’re not burned, only the scent is released, not the wax.  So, when you don’t smell your wax cubes anymore, you simply pour the wax back into the candle bar container, or wipe out the remainder wax with a paper towel and put in another scented wax refill.

I have also came to realize that everyone is spelling “Scentsy” many different ways : Scentcy, Scentsie, Sensie, Scency – I love it! I think it’s just great that everyone is looking for the products and are trying to find out more about the electric candle warmers!

I’d be happy to discuss with anyone how our products work -scentsy pots, electric candle warmers, potpourri pots, whatever you want to call them, they’re great!

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