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There’s a few ways and why’s to be affiliated with Scentsy as a consultant. 

There are two different kits. One large kit that is $99 for enrollment + Kit and a less expensive option of a kit that is $59 that you can also earn for free.

Let me explain the ways to get the $59 kit first.  

You can start your own scentsy business with no out of pocket costs two different ways.  

  1. Fill out the form below if you’re interested and ready to rock your business. I end up having a few host kits that I can gift monthly. I’m looking for those that really want to start a business for that option.  
  2. I can give you a shopping link.  You can share that link with whomever you’d like. Once people use that link to shop with, you can start earning points to get your own hostess kit for $59 or if you get enough points, you can earn it for free. 

The other option is to purchase the larger $99 kit and start your online Scentsy business right away.  

You do not have to have home parties, or any parties for that matter.  No facebook parties or badgering people to order. Simply share the products you love on social media and share your link to purchase, it’s really that simple, why not give it a try. 

You can share your Scentsy website link with others and when they purchase OR when you purchase, you get either 20% commission to start, 25% commission when you reach a certified rank and even 30% if you have a month when you sell at least $2000. 

Do you have a blog where you can share an affiliate link to your scentsy site to purchase? Or a huge following on Instagram that could benefit you in earning extra cash?  

Think outside the box, selling Scentsy no longer means that you have people to your home or you go to theirs. This can all be done online with some effort.  You’ve got this!  

Enhanced Kit – JULY 2021 ONLY

This month only – these two kit options come with both the spring summer 2021 AND the upcoming  Fall Winter 2021 catalogs and testers.

Scentsy $99 Kit

scentsy kit start selling

Scentsy $59 Kit

This kit below can be earned by sharing an affiliate link that earns points when customers purchase –  not available for purchase outright. 

host kit by scentsy

Typically, every month – I have a couple of host kits that I can gift. 

Only if you’re serious should you fill out this form to be added to the wait list. 

When I have a kit available, I start at the top of the list and start notifying those that have filled out this form. 

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