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scentsy air purifier

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Introducing the Scentsy Air Purifier System

We’re so excited to announce this new scentsy fragrance system to you as we believe that the air purifier will be a great addition to your home – especially those with pets! During this pandemic, we now realize more than ever the importance for clean air in our homes. It’s not just our house, it’s a place where we gather with family including our four-legged family members. 

Did you know that 90% of people spend their times indoors, crazy right? But especially during summer months where it’s super hot or winter months when it’s super cold. We tend to stay indoors to not experience the extreme weather conditions.  Pollutant levels can be higher inside then they are outside even. 

So, we’re introducing you to our new Scentsy Air Purifier that will be available in the fall of 2021. Just a couple of months away actually.  August 1st is when our new scentsy catalog debuts and it’s amazing! 

The Scentsy Air Purifier quietly cleans the air around us… and wait for it … also disperses our signature Scentsy fragrance, so not only will your air be fresh and clean, but it will smell amazing too!

Facts:  If you are not sure how air purifiers work, air is drawn through a HEPA H13 filter capable of removing at least 99.95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns , including dust, pollen, mold and bacteria. Clean air is then released through the Scentsy pods fro the added benefit of instant home fragrance. 

Our Scentsy Air Purifier can then identify when air particles are detected and when the air is clean. This air purifier is perfect for rooms and areas up to 200 sq ft. Examples would be like bedrooms, nurseries even your home office that you might be in more due to the pandemic and Covid –  since lots of people are now working from home more or as a hybrid worker with only a couple of days in the office (like me). 

Scentsy Air Purifiers will be $250. Which is very comparable to other purifiers that don’t offer the signature Scentsy scent as a bonus. Each Scentsy Air Purifier comes with one HEPA filter to get you started.  Replacement filters will be available for purchase.

*Includes limited lifetime warranty 

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