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Scentsy Candle Warmers

• Innovative sensory experiences you can customize as you please. • Stunning, never-before-seen designs. • Captivating fragrances that connect your head and your heart.


Types of Candle Warmers


WHAT IS A SCENTSY MINI WARMER? Plug them into the wall, or use our Mini Warmer Tabletop Base designed for use on any flat surface. They are compared to a nightlight and use one wax cube at a time.


WHAT IS A SCENTSY WARMER? Our traditional warmers melt wax with the heat of a low-watt lightbulb and make a distinct style statement in your home. Most candle warmers use a 25 watt bulb. If your warmer has a dish AND a lid, they will use a 20 watt bulb. Please check with us first.


WHAT IS A SCENTSY ELEMENT WARMER?  Element warmers feature a heating element to safely warm wax without a lightbulb. Great for bedrooms or other spaces where you want fragrance without the glow.


Decorative wraps encircle a simple porcelain warmer and are sold with a warmer or separately. When the warmer is turned on, light shines through the wrap to create mesmerizing patterns. Swap out the wraps for style versatility!

Want to know how many wax cubes to use for the perfect fragrance experience? Just turn over the warmer dish! All warmers released in our Fall/Winter 2017 Catalog or later are stamped with the recommended number of Scentsy Bar wax cubes to use. If there’s no number stamped on the bottom of your warmer dish, ask us, we’re here to help! You can add more or fewer cubes depending on your personal preference, but it’s a great place to start!

We offer replacement lightbulbs for every warmer style. This is a perfect opportunity to offer great customer service — everyone needs a lightbulb eventually!

Features & Benefits

Safely warms Scentsy Bar wax with a low-watt lightbulb or heating element. • Flame-, smoke- and soot-free. • Modern and classic designs suit every decorative taste. • Some styles can be combined with decorative wraps for a beautiful, illuminated scene. • Lifetime replacement warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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