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If you’re looking to become a consultant and have yet to sign up, you can do that here —>

Scentsy Workstation Highlights:

Congrats – You just signed up to be a consultant and are looking for the ‘back office’ or the place to enter your Scentsy orders.  You should have received a getting started email with instructions.  You can now visit our site and read up on how to login. When you sign up to sell Scentsy, you will be given access to our Scentsy workstation. You can then login to your Scentsy workstation and be able to read the policy’s, rules and get training that is available.  This is also where you can track your online sales, your team and group sales and your commission payout.

Login to your workstation

You’ll need to have your consultant ID# and the password that you chose when you signed up.  Then you go to Your Scentsy Workstation and login using your information. If you can’t remember your ID, you can check with your Scentsy sponsor or call Scentsy support, they’re ready to help you start your journey.


Scentsy Training

But that’s not all that’s in our workstation. Scentsy has created an amazing training programs for new consultants or consultants that need to learn more about fundraisers, parties or just about anything Scentsy related.  These training sessions are done by Scentsy corporate employees most of the time, but once in a while you’ll be able to hear from a SuperStar Director on how she runs and has made her Scentsy business profitable.  I love training my new team members, don’t get me wrong, but how amazing is it that Scentsy has created all the training sessions for us and it’s simply at your fingertips. Please take advantage of all the training that is shared in the workstation.

Scentsy Pay Portal

How do I get paid?  This is important, right? Probably the first thing you’ll want to know.  We have a Pay Portal where all the money you earn is deposited. This is where you’ll be able to see your commissions earned and be able to have your commissions loaded on your very own NEW Scentsy pay card (visa) that is sent to you in the mail soon after you start your own Scentsy business or you can elect to have your money transferred to your bank account with just a click of a button. A great new added feature! This is available Through our workstation, top right corner, click on ‘Pay Portal’.


Scentsy has created some amazing reporting tools for you to determine your team/groups achievements and ranks. I use these reports daily and appreciate the effort that went into designing these reports for us. The reports are getting better and better, with new releases coming soon in 2018.

Orders / Contacts

We can see order history through our workstation as well. Anyone that has ordered from us online or the party orders that we have entered ourselves. Great way to be able to look someone up and say thanks for your Scentsy order.  Your contacts will also be in your workstation, you have the ability to import customer information or add them one by one. You can email your customers through this area and send them your Scentsy specials. We have a new ordering systems which is really awesome and super fast.


Wow – so happy that Scentsy has revamped the newsletter from it’s drab colors to the vibrant purple and green to make it exciting to read and informative.  We are able to edit the newsletters so that we can include a more personal message or list our personal specials.  This newsletter goes out monthly to our contacts that are subscribed.  Awesome tool to share our Scentsy news with our favorite customers!


And don’t forget about the events, now you can register for the upcoming events that you’d like to attend. Maybe it’s the next convention that’s in Utah 2022 or maybe the exciting incentive trip to Alaska!  You can register for upcoming event via the workstation, which makes it very convenient.

Thanks Scentsy for supplying us with so many great tools to help us grow our business!


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