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Squeeze the Day with Scentsy

Scentsy Squeeze The Day – Clean gets a lemony twist with new limited-time bundle

Squeeze the Day will be available in Scentsy Clean for a limited time!

We’re featuring this sweet, energizing fragrance in a bundle of three high-performance products — Bathroom Cleaner, Counter Clean and Dish Soap — for out-of-this-world results.

You can get the Squeeze the Day Clean Bundle for $28 beginning between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. PT March 9, while supplies last.

lemon squeeze scentsy new

Based on the post by the How Stuff Works Site: (health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/natural-medicine/aromatherapy/aromatherapy-lemon)

Most people would immediately describe lemon as having a “clean” smelling fragrance. As a result, it is used in a vast number of household cleaning products that are advertised as “lemon-fresh” and “sparkling.” Aromatherapists use the tie-in with cleanliness to help people purge feelings of imperfection and impurity and to build up their confidence. Lemon essential oil is a major ingredient in commercial beverages, foods, and pharmaceuticals, although the cheaper lemongrass or even synthetic citral is often added to stretch it. It also is popular for its fresh aroma in cologne and many cosmetics, especially cleansing creams and lotions.

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