Scentsy Sven Buddy – Frozen

sven budy

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Scentsy Sven Buddy

This goofy guy is the most lovable and loyal reindeer you’ll ever meet! Each Disney Sven – Scentsy Buddy comes with a Scent Pak in Fearless by Nature, the fragrance designed exclusively for Sven and inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2. Harness is attached.

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Did You Know?

Sven is a non-speaking reindeer, who has been a companion to Kristoff since both were young. Kristoff understands what Sven communicates through his facial expressions and movements, and he sometimes voices Sven’s thoughts.

Sven was orphaned as a calf and nearly died before being rescued by Kristoff.  The two remained by each other’s side ever since as best friends. As adults, Sven works alongside Kristoff in harvesting and selling ice throughout Arendelle. Sven’s role in the operation is typically that of a sled-puller with Kristoff in command.  (source:

sven budy

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